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11 Books Recommended By The Most Succesful Entrepreneurs In The World

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2. Mark Cuban Reads 3 Hours Everyday Without Fail

Another Billionaire investor, Mark Cuban, believes that the time he dedicates to reading is what gives him a huge advantage over others.

The 62-year-old freely admits that his wife hates the fact that he dedicates a minimum of 3 hours per day to reading. Still, the disciplined businessman attributes reading as much as possible about new industries as a reason behind his success…even in sectors in which he had no prior experience.

mark cuban on shark tank

Out of his vast book collection, Cuban cites “Principles” by Ray Dalio as one of the essential books in his collection.

In 2018, Cuban tweeted that the book is “the book I wish I had as a young entrepreneur, stressing over not knowing what I didn’t know.”

The book focuses on developing the one skill that Cuban rates higher than everything else in business, perpetual learning.

Dalio himself is a billionaire hedge fund founder and explains in the book that is brutally honest about other people’s opinions was the key to developing great ideas.


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