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11 Niche Websites That Started Small And Ended Up Being Worth Huge Amounts

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1. TechCrunch.com Was A Blog That Sold For $40million

In 2005, at the age of 35, Michael Arrington, like so many others at the time, started a blog. The difference between his blog and that of everyone else at the time is that six years later, he sold it for $40 million – how did he do it?

He focussed on a subject that meant a great deal to him and was passionate about. This is a key yet often overlooked concept when starting a business and is the one thing Arrington attributes to his success.

In a competitive space like blogging, those who made it were the ones that didn’t give up. Those who just wanted to monetize their online content quickly always gave up too soon.

Michael Arrington sitting down

When your work is a labor of love like TechCrunch was for the former lawyer, you give yourself every chance of making it big.

A Californian working as a Mergers and Acquisitions lawyer, Arrington was uniquely placed to oversee some of the most exciting technology companies in the world emerge.

His 2006 post that announced Google’s acquisition of YouTube went viral and was a game changer for the blog initially intended to be a hobby.

His insight and thorough reporting of these internet startups together allowed him to quit his day job, and by 2010, the site was making $10 million in revenue.


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