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Chris Eubank Net Worth

chris eubank
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Chris Eubank Net Worth: $500,000
Born: 8th August 1966 (55 Years Old)
Profession: Former Professional Boxer
Children: 5

The former British middleweight boxer Chris Eubank net worth is approximately $500,000.

Born in Dulwich, South London, Eubank is known for being one of the toughest fighters in British boxing history.

Out of the ring he gained public attention for his flamboyant and extravagant lifestyle and for his eloquent speeches that he would deliver in his distinctive voice.

Eubank’s Early Years

Christopher Livingstone Eubank was born on 8th August 1966 to Ena and Irvin Eubank, who were both Jamaican-born.

A young Chris Eubank had a troubled childhood
A young Chris Eubank had a troubled childhood. Credit:YouTube

Both Eubank’s parents had traveled to the UK from Jamaica during the 1960s.

Eubank’s father was illiterate and smoothed iron for Ford Dagenham. His mother was a nurse and a part of the Windrush generation, who were a generation of people that had arrived in the UK between 1948 and 1971 from Caribbean countries.

Eubank takes great pride that his parents came to the UK and states that they were part of the generation that helped rebuild the country after the second world war.

He believes that his ‘British gentleman’ style in the way that he talks and dresses that so many have come to know him for, is a homage to his father and how much he loved the UK and the opportunities it had provided him.

At just two months old, Chris was sent to Jamaica, where he was raised, until he was six-years-old, by his grandmother before he returned to the UK.

Being Raised By His Father

By the age of 8, Eubank’s mother had left the family home to live in New York. Her young son and siblings remained in London with their father and they were not told where their mother had gone.

His father was an alcoholic, gambler and would often use violence against his children as a mean to discipline them. In an interview with Piers Morgan, Chris disputed that his father used violence against him had said that when his father used a belt to hit him, it was a form of discipline.

Chris had three brothers, twins, Peter and Simon, and David all of whom he has had a tumultuous relationship with and was often bullied by them.

The family lived in several places, including Stoke Newington, Dalston, Hackney, and Peckham. Again, he lived in an environment that was largely impoverished.

Eubank experienced homelessness at 13 years old
Eubank experienced homelessness at 13 years old. Credit:Twitter

Eubank attended Northwold Primary School, Bellingden Junior School and Peckham’s Thomas Calton Secondary School.

He had a troubled time during his secondary school years. In one year, he was suspended eighteen times, and he was eventually expelled. Chris claimed he was protecting others from bullies. He despised bullies during this time having experienced it himself from his own brothers.

At just 13-years-old the young fighter was taken into foster care and he was even homeless for a short period.

It was during this time where Chris started to shoplift professionally from London’s west end stalls. Dressed smartly the young thief had a penchant for high end sunglasses and clothes.

His criminal exploits wouldn’t last and he was eventually caught in 1982.

Eubank has spoken of the moment that put him on the straight and narrow and took him the criminal path.

The judge at his trial in Hove Court told the young shoplifter that he knew his trainer Kieth Miles and that he had a great future in boxing. The judge decided to show leniency in favour of the young sportsman if he continued pursuing his dream of becoming a boxer.

Eubank never committed a crime again.

Nevertheless his father decided that his 16-year-old son was to live with his mother in the South Bronx district of New York.

Fresh Start In New York

After arriving in New York, Eubank made a fresh start. He battled addictions to drugs, shoplifting, and alcohol and instead started to attend school and church.

It was during his spare time that he started to train seriously at the Jerome Boxing Club. His elder brothers, Peter and Simon, had begun boxing back in England.

Eubank attended gym every day, and he worked hard as a caretaker in the gym to afford his membership.

Chris Eubank Net Worth Explained: The Start of His Boxing Career

After his new found dedication to his craft, Eubank began taking part in boxing competitions.

In 1984, he won the Spanish Golden Gloves Tournament and went into the semi-final of the main Golden Gloves Tournament.

Eubank said that his drive to succeed in his boxing career came from a desire to be accepted as an individual. He had been bullied by his elder brothers and struggled because of this.

Shortly after the ambitious sportsman turned 19, he fought in his first professional match. The match took place in the Atlantis Hotel and Casino and was against Tim Brown.

Eubank fought in ten more fights and started to gain a reputation as a hard hitting middleweight.

Eubank started to cause waves after his 20 second knockout of Reginaldo Dos Santos

In February 1989, he made brief headlines when he defeated Anthony Logan. Nigel Benn headlined the show, and Eubank had set his sights on beating Benn in the future.

In 1990, Eubank achieved his first title – the WBC International title against Hugo Corti. Later the same year, he impressively knocked out his opponent, Renaldo Dos Santos, within 20 seconds, and that included the 10-count).

Becoming WBO Champion

Eubank won 24 fights in a row to remain undefeated in his professional career with 14 of them by the way of KO/TKO before he was finally given a shot at the WBO middleweight title.

On the 18th November, 1990 he faced his bitter rival Nigel Benn for the WBO. The build up to the fight was huge as the public were able to witness the tension and dislike each had for another.

Eubank turned up to his press conference in against Nigel Benn on a motorbike
Eubank turned up to his press conference in against Nigel Benn on a motorbike. Credit:Twitter

Benn and Eubank clashed throughout the promotional tour with heated exchanges taking place at every press conference.

Eubank succeeded in obtaining the WBO middleweight title against Nigel Benn. The match was gruelling, and went to nine rounds with Benn leading until he was stopped on his feet at the end of the round.

Eubank went on to defend this title a staggering 18 times as the champion dominated the division for then 5 years. .

Chris fought Benn again in ’93 in another British boxing classic where the match was scored as a controversial draw where many had felt Benn had won.

In 1991, Eubank went for the WBO super-middleweight title.

His opponent was 26-year-old Michael Watson, who Eubank had defeated with a majority decision just 3 months earlier.

 Eubank and Michael Watson
Eubank and Michael Watson. Credit: Instagram

Eubank was again victorious via a 12th round knockout but the night will be remembered for one of the darkest moments in British boxing.

In a gruelling matchup, Watson had knocked down Eubank in the 12th round only for Eubank to get up and deliver a near-fatal uppercut to Watson.

Watson was hospitalised for months and many had feared that he may not be able to regain consciousness.

Eubank was distraught by the turn of events and even thought about about quitting boxing.

Watson has since surpassed doctors expectations in his recovery and has been able to walk, talk and write and former adversary has been there with him at every point in his recovery such was the deep affect it had on him.

Eubank and Watson in 2003 when the latter completed the London Marathon over 6 days
Eubank and Watson in 2003 when the latter completed the London Marathon over 6 days, Credit:The Telegraph

After the event with Watson, Eubank never tried to knock his opponents out and sought to win through points instead.

Eubank worked hard through the 1990s, going to cruiserweight and almost winning the title against Carl Thompson.

Eubank’s Last Dance

Following Eubank’s fight with Thompson and the close scoring, a rematch was arranged.

Three months after the initial match, they fought once more for the WBO cruiserweight title.

This ended up being Eubank’s final match.

Thompson was Eubank's last fight
Thompson was Eubank’s last fight. Credit:Thefightcity.com

At the start of the match, Eubank was doing well, but his left eye began to swell, and by the end of the ninth round, he could no longer open it.

Thus, the match ended. It was the only stoppage loss of his entire career – he had been leading on the scorecards when the match ended.

Chris Eubank’s career ended with him winning 45 matches (with 23 Kos). He had two draws and five losses in his 13-year professional boxing career.

Eubank’s Life Outside of Boxing

Eubank was known for his eccentricity; he wore clothes typical of upper-class Englishmen and spoke with upper-class tones and with a lisp.

Eubank has a unique dress sense
Eubank has a unique dress sense. Credit:Instagram

He was criticized and mocked for these affections by the tabloids and by popular UK comedy shows.

Aside from his love and hate relationship with the British press, Eubank also loved vehicles and owned an American Peterbilt 379 truck cab (the largest truck in Europe), a Harley-Davidson, and a Hummer (which was the only one in Britain at the time).

Media Appearances and Becoming Bankrupt

Given his eccentric persona and outspoken nature, Eubank was a dream for the British media.

However, despite his shortcomings, Eubank was a popular figure in the UK and he appeared on numerous TV adverts, including ones for Royal Mail, Nescafé, Jaffa Cakes, Orbit, and McDonald’s.

With all the sponsorship deals being offered to Eubank, his financial security looked assured after he retired from boxing.

As mentioned by his daughter in an interview, one of her father’s flaws which led to his demise financially was his generosity. His daughter, Emily, said that even if her Dad had £5 to his name, if someone else needed it he would give it to them.

In the mid-1990s, Eubank demonstrated his generosity by spending £1,250,000 ($1.71 m) to build 69 flats for homeless people in Brighton.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Eubank stated that when you have no money no one asks you for anything, but when you have money everyone has a £3,000-£5,000 problem.

In addition to his generosity, Eubank had developed an obsession for high end living, something that had started as a teenager when he was a shoplifter and stole designer goods.

He refused to give up his millionaire lifestyle and spent thousands of pounds on designer clothes.

It was even reported that he once spent over £20,000 on a weekend in Paris where he hired out a white Rolls-Royce.

Eubank has appeared on some Reality TV shows, including Celebrity Big Brother in 2001, When Louis Met… Chris Eubank in 2002, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in 2015, and Celebrity Gogglebox in 2019 and 2021.

He even starred in ‘At Home with the Eubanks’, which was a reality TV series which followed the family of six throughout their daily lives.

At home with the Eubanks was a show on Channel 5
At home with the Eubanks was a show on Channel 5. Credit:Mirror.co.uk

Despite his successes, it’s surprising to see that Chris Eubank Net Worth is only $500,000. In November 2009, Eubank owed £1.3 million (almost $1.8m) in taxes and was declared bankrupt.

Personal Life

Chris Eubank has five children. The first of his five children was Nathanael. He was born to Cynthia Wilson in 1988 after a brief six-month relationship. Eubank was estranged from Nathanael for the first 20 years of his life.

In 1990, Chris married Karron, his first wife.

Karron was the sister of Chris’ brother’s girlfriend, whom he met when he was at the start of his boxing career in Brighton.

After his famous win against Nigel Benn, the first thing Eubank stated to the interviewer when asked what he would do next, was to marry Karron.

Karron with Chris and their first son Chris. Credit: TheSun

Together, they had four children. Christoper Jr. was born in 1989, Sebastian in 1991, Emily in 1994, and Joseph in 1996.

Chris and Karron were divorced in 2005, and in 2014 he got married again. This time, he married Claire Geary, his manager.

Sadly, the couple divorced after three years of marriage.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Chris Eubank revealed he has married for a third time to an unknown woman from Louisiana.

Tragedies Involving Eubank

In 1992, Eubank lost control of his car and killed a building site worker.

This came just after Eubank caused a near-fatal injury to Michael Watson during a fight. The injury Watson sustained at the hands of Eubank left him in intensive care for over 12 months and using a wheelchair for six years

In 2021, Eubank experienced the pain of losing his third-oldest son, Sebastian.

Sebastian was just days away from his 30th birthday and was a boxer and MMA fighter when he died of a heart attack.

He lived in Dubai with his wife, Salma, and his son Raheem, who had only been born one month previously.


Chris Eubank Quotes

“Solitude is the companion of warriors.”

“Yes, I have spent. I have lived and had accidents. It’s all part of life’s wonderful experience.”

“My mother imparted on me that I must be a good custodian of my father’s name, and that is what I ask of my children. One should conduct themselves in the correct manner, respect one’s elders and do the right thing.”

“I am tough. I am relentless.”

“When people speak disparagingly about others, they are really damaging themselves.”

“Money’s just a medium. I am extremely wealthy in all other regards.”

“My father, who was illiterate, smoothed iron for Ford Dagenham, and we’d get up at 5:30 am to give him a jump-start. My mother was a nurse and part of the Windrush generation. Growing up in East London, we were financially poor, but rich in hope and dignity, and we were happy.”

“I’m not bankrupt of fun, life, my dignity, my character, my essence.”

Summary: Chris Eubank Net Worth

  • Chris Eubank has a net worth of around $500,000. This is due to him being made bankrupt in 2009 after owing over $1.7 million in taxes.
  • Chris was born in London in 1966 to Jamaican-born parents.
  • He lived in Jamaica from two months old until he was six.
  • Eubank struggled at school and was frequently suspended. He was eventually expelled from his secondary school.
  • At 16, Eubank moved to the South Bronx in New York with his mother for a fresh start.
  • He attended school and church to fight his drug, alcohol, and shoplifting addictions.
  • Eubank soon got into boxing and, by 19, was taking part in the sport professionally.
  • In the early 1990s, Eubank’s career took off.
  • Throughout his career, he fought in three weight classes: middleweight, super-middleweight, and cruiserweight, and won many world titles.
  • In 1987, Chris became a father to Nathanael after a brief relationship with his mother, Cynthia.
  • Chris married his first wife Karron in 1990. They were married for 15 years and had four children together.
  • In 2014, Chris married his second wife, Claire Geary.
  • In an interview with Piers Morgan, Eubank revealed he had married again for the third time.
  • Sadly, Chris Eubank’s son, Sebastian, died of a heart attack in 2021.

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