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David Goggins Net Worth

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David Goggins Net Worth:$2.5million
Born: 17th February 1975 (46 Years Old)
Profession: Athlete, Motivational Speaker

Fitness guru David Goggins’ net worth is estimated at $2.5 million.

Born in Buffalo, New York, this famous ultramarathon runner was the son of Trunnis and Jackie Goggins and spent his early life in Williamsville, New York. He had a brother named Trunnis Jr.

David Goggins’ Childhood

David Goggins didn’t have a happy childhood; it was marked by trauma and stress amid domestic violence and abuse.

From the age of 6, Goggins spent time working at a skating rink owned by his father. He was made to work long hours, which meant he fell behind in school.

His brother and mother also worked with him, and they often had to work at night, sleeping in an office on a couch. He spent many days sleep-deprived.

A Rare Moment Of Happiness In Goggins’ Childhood. Credit: Instagram

Just two years later, his parents separated due to domestic violence. He escaped along with his mother after suffering years of severe and constant abuse.


After escaping the abuse, Goggins’ mother took him to Brazil where he needed to begin second grade again as he was so far behind and couldn’t read.

His teacher here was wonderful, and she spent extra time with David to help him.

However, in the third grade, his new teacher was not so helpful.

Instead of supporting him as his grade 2 teacher had done, she wanted to place Goggins into a school for children with special needs.

As the only black child in the school, Goggins suffered greatly after feeling like his teacher thought less of him. He stopped participating willingly in class and started stuttering.

Thankfully, Goggins’ mother fought with the school to keep him there and the school agreed so long as he had group therapy.

Group Therapy was Stress-Inducing

What David Goggins needed was academic support; the group therapy he’d been ordered to attend wasn’t appropriate for him as it was more for children who had a true illness, which Goggins didn’t have.

The stress caused by attending group therapy meant he became unwell; his stutter got worse, he developed white blotches on his skin, and he lost a lot of hair.

Goggins’ Other Stressors

With only his mother providing for him, Goggins lived in poverty. His mother worked at a department store and their housing was subsidised, but they still struggled financially.

The Stress Led To Goggins Weighing Over 300lbs. Credit: Instagram

His mother, Jackie, tried to get on welfare, but as she owned a car, she wasn’t allowed. She managed to get welfare by routing it through her mother, but it was still only $123 per month.

They were barely making ends meet.

How Trauma and Toxic Stress Shaped his Life and led to David Goggins’s Net Worth Being so High

The toxic stress and trauma that Goggins suffered during his childhood had a profound impact on him as an adult.

While stress is helpful for short-term survival, it has severe consequences over a prolonged period and particularly if this occurs during childhood.

Goggins suffered trauma at the hands of his father but, there was more trauma awaiting him. His mother had met a good man who provided stability in their lives; she was set to marry him and move into his home in Indianapolis.

However, just days before their move, his mother’s fiancé was murdered.

David Goggins’ Mother Was Ready To Settle Down Until Tragedy Struck. Credit:Instagram

Undeterred, they still made the move to Indianapolis, where his mother threw herself into work to help her cope.

Problems with School Again

Goggins problems with school were still apparent in Indianapolis, and he often didn’t go. He preferred to spend his time with other kids who weren’t a good influence on him.

When Goggins’ mother realized what he was doing, she moved them back to Brazil.

Goggins Battles with Racism

The return to Brazil wasn’t easy. When there as a young child, Goggins was not aware of racism.

After moving back, he was subjected to a slew of both indirect and direct harassment. He was threatened at gunpoint, and someone drew a noose in his Spanish exercise book.

Goggins did have friends and supporters, but the majority were white, meaning he felt lonely as they didn’t understand the abuse he would receive on a daily basis.

The strong emotions he felt led him to watch speeches by Malcolm X, who called for justice against racism in the 60s.

He was inspired, but he struggled still to go beyond hate.

Military Career Beginnings

David Goggins went on to have a successful military career, but like a lot of things in his life, he had a lot of barriers in his way.

Initially, he wanted to be a pararescue airman with the Air Force, but he wasn’t able to finish the training due to receiving a sickle cell anemia diagnosis in training.

Nonetheless, he did serve in the Air Force in the Tactical Air Control Party for five years.

David Goggins In The Military. Credit: Instagram

Weeks of Hell

Following his time in the Air Force, Goggins tried his hand at being a Navy SEAL. He made it to “hell week” but again, his health would stop him in his tracks. This time, he contracted pneumonia and got a stress fracture.

Not being one to give up, Goggins tried again but, this time, fractured a kneecap before he even made it to “hell week”.

Goggins still didn’t give up and he finally succeeded in 2001. He was subsequently assigned to SEAL Team FIVE.

Deployment and Military Career

Not even one month following the 9/11 terrorist attack, David Goggins and his SEAL team deployed to Iraq.

Goggins was successful as a Navy SEAL. He graduated from Army Ranger School in 2004, being the only one in his class to do so. Not only that, but he graduated with the “Enlisted Honor Man” distinction.

Goggins Was A SEAL Team Member. Credit:Instagram

Deaths in Afghanistan

In 2005, Goggins was devasted when he learnt about the deaths of 12 Navy SEALS in Afghanistan, and he set out to help their families.

He discovered the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. This organization pays college tuition for children whose parents have died in combat. He decided to run races to raise money for the Foundation.

Badwater 135

One of the races David Goggins signed up for was the Badwater 135. This is an extreme race over three mountain ranges in Death Valley. Of course, this meant combatting the extreme heat while trying to run 135miles.

However, you can’t just sign up for the race and have a go. Before you’re able to do it, you must prove that you can run 100 miles in less than 24 hours.

Goggins tried his local San Diego 100-mile race and finished in 19 hours 6 seconds. You might think that David Goggins had prepared significantly for this, however, it was his Navy SEAL training that got him through as he only had 3 days to prepare.

2006 saw Goggins complete the Badwater 135 in 30 hours 18 minutes. He placed 5th. The next year, he managed to shave off 4 and a half hours from his time, coming 3rd in 25 hours and 49 minutes.

He raised an impressive $2 million for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Becoming An Extreme Athlete

Since 2006, David Goggins has raced in 60 ultra-marathons, marathons, ultra-triathlons, and triathlons. He places regularly in the top 5 and has even held a Guinness World Record for how many pull-ups he completed – 4,030 over 17 hours!

Goggins Turned His Life Around. Credit: Instagram

Goggins also came 2nd in the Ultraman World Championships Triathlon in Hawaii. He also set a record in the 48-hour national championships, running 203.5 miles, which was 20 miles more than the previous record holder.

Where does David Goggins’ Net Worth come from?

It wasn’t Goggins’ military career that led to David Goggins’ net worth of $2.5 million, but his many accolades in the sporting world, as an author, and also as a motivational speaker.

Professional athletes and ultra-marathon runners receive great prizes. First place can award you around $150,000, and there are prizes for other finishers too.

What’s more, Goggins has sold over 2.5 million copies of his book.

David Goggins in 2024

Nowadays, Goggins is an author and motivational speaker. He gives lectures to professional athletes, high school students and fortune 500 employees.

He published Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds in 2018. This is an autobiography as well as a self-help book that teaches you how to push past fear and pain and apply yourself 100%.

Despite David Goggins’ net worth being $2.5 million, he doesn’t lead a lavish lifestyle and is very humble.

David Goggins Family Life

David Goggins is currently single, but he was previously married to a Japanese nurse called Aleeza.

They married in 2005 but were divorced in 2012.

They didn’t have children.

David Goggins Quotes

As an inspirational man, public speaker, and athlete, David Goggins has some great quotes. Here are some of them:

“Nobody cares what you did yesterday. What have you done today to better yourself?”

“If you can get through doing things that you hate to do, on the other side is greatness.”

“I’ve been guided by something much more powerful: the path of most resistance. Talent, not required.”

Life is one big tug-of-war between mediocrity and trying to find your best self

David Goggins

“Life is one big tug-of-war between mediocrity and trying to find your best self.”

“Self-talk and visualization are the two keys to my success.”

“I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done.”

david goggins

“Everybody comes to a point in their life when they want to quit. But it’s what you do at that moment that determines who you are.”


“It’s so easy to be great nowadays because most people are weak”.

“Take time to take inventory of your life. Look in the mirror and hold yourself accountable”.

“Motivation is cr**. It comes and goes. Find what you’re passionate about. Then you can be driven. When you’re driven, you don’t give a damn”.

“what you think you’re done, you’re only at 40% of your body’s capability”.

Summary: David Goggins Net Worth

  • David Goggins was born in New York where he lived with his father, mother, and brother.
  • David’s father was abusive and forced him to work many hours in the family business, meaning that David struggled at school.
  • He struggled with trauma and toxic stress due to the problems he had as a child with his father, his parents’ separation, and the murder of his mother’s new fiancé.
  • His school life wasn’t great.
  • He had problems academically and socially with racism, which led him to a life of anger.
  • It could be said that Goggins’ hardships led him to be the determined character we know today.
  • After a successful military career, Goggins began running and raising millions for a charity close to his heart.
  • Since then, he has become renowned for his athletic prowess, breaking records, and running impressive distances and times.
  • He is now a motivational speaker and author whose net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million.
  • Above all, David Goggins net worth of $2.5 million wouldn’t have been amassed had he not had the determination and resilience he developed due to the adverse experiences he had as a child.

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