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Eddie Hall Net Worth 2023

eddie hall deadlift record
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Eddie Hall Net Worth: $5 Million
Born:15th January 1988 (35 Years Old)
Children: 2
Profession: British Strongman

According to whatstheirnetworth.com, the British former professional strongman Eddie Hall has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Halls’s Early Life

Edward ‘Eddie’ Stephen Hall was born on 15th January 1988 in Staffordshire. He is the youngest of 3 children, with older brothers James and Alexander. (James is a retired professional rugby player).

young eddie hall with his parents and two brothers
A Young Eddie Hall (Middle) With His Parents And Two Brothers. Credit: Instagram

He attended Clayton Hall Academy in Newcastle-Under-Lyme but was expelled at the age fifteen. After this, he was home-educated.

During his teenage years, he competed in swimming and was a national champion.


During early adulthood, Hall started to work as a garage mechanic at the Robert Wiseman Dairies located in Market Drayton, Shropshire.

It was during this time that he also began training and competing as a bodybuilder, ultimately entering into strongman competitions.

young eddie hall physique compared to strongman at age 33
Eddies Physique Has Transformed Over The Years. Credit: Instagram

Hall’s first strongman competition was in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, in the Iceman gym.

Two years after beginning his training as a bodybuilder, Eddie was entered into the England Championships by Dave Meer who was forced to drop out because of injury.

Hall took his place and made it to the finals. Despite being his first attempt, he won by 0.5 points.

UK Strongman Championships

After winning at the 2010 England strongman finals, the novice strongman competed at the UK’s Strongest Man 2011 competition, which took place in Belfast.

Hall came first with 2nd place going to Ken Nowicki and 3rd place going to Rich Smith.

eddie hall in his first uk strongman event
Eddie Hall In His First Strongest Man Competition In The UK. Credit: YouTube

It was during these championships that Hall also set a new national record in the Viking Hold category. He held onto a 20 Kg (44 lbs) axe in each hand for 1m18s.

Despite his success, Hall’s ranking only improved enough to enter the 2012 World’s Strongest Man competition and not the 2011 competition.

Entering World’s Strongest Man

Buoyed by the success he had achieved in such a short space of time, Hall entered the 2012 and 2013 World’s Strongest Man competitions with high hopes.

However, the former bodybuilder was in for a rude awakening as he failed to progress beyond the qualifying group stages.

Despite the setback, Hall focussed on his training, and in 2014, he was crowned both UK’s Strongest Man and Britain’s Strongest Man and went on to come 6th in the World’s Strongest Man competition that same year. It was the most successful year in his career at the time.

It was also in 2014 that Eddie Hall broke a world record in the deadlift by lifting a staggering 462 kg (1019 lbs). This occurred in the Arnold Strongman Classic in Australia, with Arnold Schwarzenegger cheering him on. Hall broke this record again a year later by deadlifting 463 kg (1021 lbs).

Eddie’s deadlift with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Credit: YouTube

Breaking More Records

Hall continued in his efforts with deadlifts and in March of 2016, broke the Elephant Bar deadlift record during the Arnold Strongman Classic. He lifted an eye-watering 465 kg (1025lb).

But he knew he could do more.

Later that year, in July, he set another deadlift world record by lifting 500 kg (1102 lbs) during the World Deadlift Championships.

As you can imagine, the 500kg deadlift put a huge amount of strain on Hall’s huge frame and caused him to faint and his brain to start bleeding.

Talking about the effects the lift had on his body, Hall said in an interview, “I had a brain bleed, so I was bleeding out of the nose, the ears and the eyes…my blood pressure was through the roof, heart rate was through the roof, I lost my vision and probably for about 3 or 4 weeks I had signs of concussion, I couldn’t remember my wife’s name, my kid’s names and forget conversations.”

When talking about his world record lift, Eddie has said the motivation had come from imagining that his children were trapped underneath a car and he had to lift the vehicle for them to escape.

Winning the World’s Strongest Man

Finally, in 2017, the world record holder went on to become the winner of the World’s Strongest Man competition.

eddie hall wins worlds strongest man
Eddie Hall Winning The Worlds Strongest Man Competition In 2017. Credit: The Mirror

At the same time as his victory, he announced his retirement from the World’s Strongest Man series due to health concerns.

When interviewed, Hall stated that his large muscle mass was caused by a genetic mutation that caused myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy.

Other Ventures

In December 2015, Hall was featured in a documentary called Eddie: Strongman. It was a film produced by Tom Swanston and Directed by Matt Bell. The film crew followed Eddie for two years during the time he was trying to become the World’s, Strongest Man.

Elsewhere, Hall appeared on a Channel 5 show in 2018 entitled Celebs in Solitary, where he attempted a five-day stay in solitary confinement.

In 2019, Eddie presented a web series by SPORTBible called Beasted!

The series guided eight men through diets and exercise plans designed to improve fitness.

He appeared in the series alongside Chris Peil and Luke Fullbrook.

Acting and TV Work

Since stopping his intense Strongman training, the former world champion strongman has dabbled with acting.

He appeared uncredited as a Saxon Warrior in the 2017 film Transformers: The Last Night and is also set to appear in The Expendables 4 in 2022.

On television, he has only ever appeared as himself. As well as taking part in Celebs in Solitary, he appeared on A League of Their Own in 2016,

Couples Come Dine with Me in 2016, The Chase in 2018, Eddie Eats America in 2018, The Strongest Man in History 2019, and Eddie Eats Christmas in 2020.

He also appeared on UK morning show This Morning where he demonstrated his strength by folding up a frying pan. The video has over 11 million views on YouTube.

Eddie on ITV This Morning


After witnessing the success of his strongman colleague and friend, Brian Shaw (check out our Brian Shaw Net Worth article), with his YouTube channel ShawStrength, Hall also started to post videos about his life on YouTube.

After just 2 years of consistently posting to the YouTube channel Eddie ‘The Beast Hall’, Hall has acquired over 2 million subscribers and racked up over 290 million views.

The content mainly focuses on his day-to-day life, his experiences in strongman competitions, and trying out new sports like boxing and even gymnastics.

He has also collaborated with Shaw and other figures in the fitness world like Ross Edgley, who have now become personal friends.

eddie hall and fellow competitor brian shaw are good friends
Eddie Is Good Friends With Brian Shaw. Credit: Instagram

Based on estimates of channel owners with similar-sized channels, Hall probably earns around $600,000 from YouTube advertising alone, not to mention the fitness sponsorships he participates in which could earn him double that.

Eddie Hall Vs Hafþór Björnsson

After leaving the World’s Strongest Man behind, Eddie Hall is set to step into the ring in a match entitled “The Heaviest Boxing Match in History”. Both Hall and Björnsson have won the World’s Strongest Man competition in the past.

When Hall won the competition in 2017, Björnsson accused him of cheating which has fuelled a bitter relationship between the two ever since.

In a bid to finally settle their feud, the two former strongman world champions agreed to a boxing match.

eddie and hafthor bjornsson do not have a good relationship
Eddie And Hafthor Have Been Getting Ready For Their Boxing Match. Credit: The Mirror

“The Beast” (Eddie Hall’s nickname) is set to take on “The Mountain” (Björnsson’s nickname from his role in Game of Thrones) in March 2022. The fight was first announced in November 2020, but due to injuries, it has been postponed.

The contest finally took place on 19th March 2022, with the Icelandic strongman coming out on top via a unanimous decision after six rounds.

Neither The Beast nor The Mountain has a lot of boxing experience. In terms of size, Björnsson is a good 6 inches taller than Hall, standing at 6 ft 9 in compared to Hall’s 6 ft 3 in.

Personal Life

Hall is married to Alexandra Hall and together they have two children, a son named Maximus and a daughter named Layla.

Layla was born to another woman before Eddie met his current wife.

Hall married Alexandra, a businesswoman, on June 9th, 2012, but the marriage hasn’t always been plain sailing. In an interview, Eddie once said that his wife had been packing her bags shortly before he went on to win the World’s Strongest Man competition in 2017.

eddie hall getting married
Eddie And Alexandra’s Wedding In 2009. Credit: Facebook

Eddie claimed that he begged his wife to give him five more weeks and then he would win the competition and their lives would improve.

At that time, he only saw his family for two hours a week.

Hall’s Current Training Schedule

Despite leaving his Strongman days behind, Eddie still works hard to maintain his physique. He trains every day and rarely takes a day off.

Four of the day he does 45 minutes of cardio followed by three hours of weights. In the evening, he will train for his boxing match. On the other three days, Eddie does cardio like swimming, cycling, and running as well as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts.

eddie hall strongman running
Eddie Hall Still Works Out Daily. Credit: Instagram

According to his wife, Eddie Hall eats 7000 calories a day and his meals are platter-sized, containing lots of eggs, chicken, steak, vegetables, and rice.

He will typically eat six meals each day.

Achievements and Personal Bests

In the deadlift, Hall’s personal best is 500 kg (1102.3 lb).

His personal best in the Axle press is 216 kg (476.2 lb)

In terms of achievements, he has come first in the World’s Strongest Man on one occasion (2017), 2nd In Europe’s Strongest Man (2017), 2nd in Giants Live (2013), 1st in Britain’s Strongest Man five times (2014-2018), 1st in UK’s Strongest Man six times (2011-2016) and first in England’s Strongest man twice (2010 and 2011).

He also came 6th in the Arnold Strongman Classic in 2015.

Eddie Hall Quotes

“I was expelled from school at 14, and whilst everyone else was studying for their GCSEs, I got a membership for that gym, and I just started lifting weights. So, while everyone was in school, I was in the gym sort of bulking up, and when I got to 17, I got a full-time job.” – Eddie Hall

“I came out a different athlete, an all-rounder rather than just a static monster.” – Eddie Hall

“Because fats are so calorie-dense – there are nine calories per gram of fat – at 400 grams of fat, you’re getting a lot of calories in. It’s so easy to digest fat too. That was my fuel.” – Eddie Hall

“My workouts are based on very heavy, fast movements using weights, the science behind it being that the faster you move a weight, the more fast-twitch fibers you rip and then repair.” – Eddie Hall

For the people that keep asking why I don’t compete at the World’s Strongest Man anymore, simple:

I choose to live a healthier life now and enjoy the fruits of my labour

Eddie Hall

“I think it’s all about goal-setting, the number one rule of goal setting is to be public – tell a friend, tell a family member, tell your fans, put it on social media, you know, because that sets it in stone.” – Eddie Hall

“The worst injury I’ve ever had in my personal life is trapping my own d**k between two metal plates.” – Eddie Hall

“I remember saying to my Mum and Dad that I’m going to be the world strongest one day. Everyone just burst out laughing.”

– Eddie Hall.

Summary: Eddie Hall’s Net Worth

  • Eddie Hall’s Net Worth is $5 million
  • He is 34 years old and married to Alexandra Hall.
  • Hall has two children, Max and Layla.
  • Eddie was expelled from school as a teenager and began training in a gym soon after.
  • After winning England’s Strongest Man, UK’s Strongest Man, and Britain’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall went on to win the World’s Strongest Man title in 2017.
  • Eddie is currently training for a boxing match with Game of Throne’s actor “The Mountain”. He trains seven days a week and consumes around 7000 per day.

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