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Chris Brown Net Worth: $50 million
Born: 5th May 1989  (33 Years Old)
Profession:Singer, songwriter, actor, dancer
Children: 3

The American singer, songwriter, actor, and dancer Chris Brown has a net worth of $50 million.

Early Life 

Christopher Maurice Brown was born in a small town called Tappahannock in Virginia. His mother, Joyce Hawkins, was a director of a daycare center and his father, Clinton Brown, was a local prison corrections officer. Chris has an older sister called Lytrell Bundy. 

During his childhood, he would listen to his parents’ soul albums and eventually showed an interest in hip-hop. He taught himself to dance and sing and states that he was inspired by Michael Jackson. 

young chris brown with his mother on beach
A young Chris Brown with his mother. Credit: Instagram

Chris’s first performances were in local talent shows and in a church choir. His mother knew he had vocal talent after he performed Usher’s “My Way” and went on the hunt for a record deal for him. 

All through this, Brown had some issues due to his parent’s divorce and his mother’s boyfriend’s violent streak.

Career Beginning

When he was 13, Hitmission Records, a local production team, visited a local gas station where Brown’s father worked on the lookout for new talent. He was given voice coaching and recorded a demo under the guise of “C. Sizzle.” 

Brown went to Essex High School in his town in Virginia until the end of 2004, when he decided to move to New York to follow his dreams of a music career. 

When in New York, he auditioned at Def Jam Recordings and was immediately offered a contract. The contract was in negotiations when the senior A&R executive, Tina Davis, lost her role in a merger. 

teenage chris brown with microphone in hand
Chris Brown became famous during his teenage years. Credit: capitalXtra

At this time, Brown requested her to be his manager, and she then promoted him to Warner Bros. Records, J-Records, and Jive Records. It was Jive that Brown signed to due to their success with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears at the time.

Brown’s First Album and Acting Debut

Chris Brown signed to Jive Records in 2004 and started recording his debut album in 2005. He had recorded 50 songs by May and 14 of those were chosen for the album. He co-wrote half of the tracks. 

The album did well, debuting at number two and selling 154,000 copies in the first week. The self-titled album sold six million copies globally was went 3x platinum. 

Shortly after his first album’s success, Chris Brown landed a role in The O.C. as a band geek. He also made his debut in film in the 2007 dance drama Stomp the Yard.

Touring with Beyoncé and Second Album

By April 2007, Chris Brown was touring with Beyoncé as her opening act in Australia. 

Shortly afterward, he started working on his second album. Exclusive wasn’t as successful as Chris Brown, though it still debuted at number four and sold 294,000 copies during the first week. 

chris brown with beyonce
Brown has a close relationship with Beyoncé. Credit: Vibe.com

The lead single called “Wall to Wall” didn’t do very well, however, and only peaked at number 79. The second single from the album, “Kiss” was a huge success and reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Graffiti and Personal Scandal

Brown started working on this third album, Graffiti, in 2008. He promised he would experiment with different musical inspirations like Michael Jackson and Prince. 

However, in 2009 there was soon to be a scandal around domestic violence with his girlfriend Rihanna, which meant most of the media went against the singer. This caused him to lose huge commercial contracts, including one with Wrigley’s Doublemint chewing gum. 

Despite the scandal, Brown released the album’s lead single called “I Can Transform Ya” in September 2009, which peaked at number 20. The album itself was released in December, and it was the first of his albums that he wrote entirely (bar one song). 

chris brown mugshot
Brown’s career has been mired by the domestic abuse scandal. Credit: CNN

This was both a critical and commercial failure for Brown and it sold 102,000 copies in its first week, debuting on the US Billboard 200 at number 7.

Chris Brown sang a Michael Jackson Tribute at the BET Awards in 2010. While singing “Man in the Mirror” he began to cry, which resonated with many celebrities and fans since Jackson had died not that long ago. 

Brown accepted an award for AOL Fandemonium and said, “I let y’all down before, but I won’t do it again… I promise.” Whether this was in relation to his domestic violence with Rihanna or his terrible album, we don’t know.

Brown’s Subsequent Albums

Chris Brown released his 4th album called F.AM.E (forgiving all my enemies) in 2011. Compared to his third studio album, this was a huge success and debuted at number one. 

To promote this album, Brown embarked upon a tour in North America and Australia. 

In the 2011 BET Awards, he won five awards from six nominations. These awards included the Viewers Choice Award, the Fandemonium Award, Best Male R&B Artist, Video of the Year Award (for “Look at Me Now,” and Best Collaboration. He also had three nominations at the Grammys and won Best R&B Album. 

It was at these Grammy Awards that Brown performed for the first time since he was convicted of felony assault.

In the last ten years, Chris Brown has released five more studio albums, X in 2014, Royalty in 2015, Heartbreak on a Full Moon in 2017, Indigo in 2019, and Breezy in 2022. 

Musical Style and Influences

Brown’s style has been commended by critics as he has helped to evolve the R&B genre. He himself states that he has been inspired by Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Phil Collins, R. Kelly, Bobby Brown, and Ginuwine. 


Until the highly publicized domestic violence case in 2009, Chris Brown was in a relationship with Rihanna for two years. Later in 2009, Brown was reunited with an ex-girlfriend from his Virginian hometown. He was also linked to Jasmine Sanders in 2010 and 2019. 

After rumors circulated in January 2013, Rihanna confirmed she and Brown were in a relationship once again. However, by May, Brown stated that they had broken up. 

Chris Brown has three children. His first child, a daughter called Royalty, was with Nia Guzman. She was born on 27th May 2014. 

On 20th November 2019, Brown had a son called Aeko with Ammika Harris. 

Brown has a son with Ammika Harris (right). Credit: Hollywoodlife

Chris Brown welcomed a third child, a daughter named Lovely on 1st July 2022, with Diamond Brown. 

Chris Brown Net Worth Quotes

“I want to meet someone who doesn’t already think they know me.” – Chris Brown

“Never assume you know what’s going on in someone’s life, unless you heard it straight from the source.”

– Chris Brown

“Body is a blessing; ain’t no second guessing.” – Chris Brown

“Follow your dreams, just make sure you have fun too.” Chris Brown

“My tattoos complement my attitude.” – Chris Brown

“A relationship is not based on the length of time you spent together. It’s based on the foundation you built together.”

– Chris Brown

“Take me as I am, not who I was.” – Chris Brown

“Never let a couple of good memories make you move backwards. Look ahead and move on.” – Chris Brown

“People change, things go wrong. Just remember, life goes on.” – Chris Brown

“Everywhere that I’ve been, the only thing I see is beautiful people.” – Chris Brown  

“Amplify your life, not status. Trust no one. There is always a plot and motive.”

– Chris Brown  

“Be careful who you trust and tell your problems to.” – Chris Brown

“If you’re not happy being single, you’ll never be happy in a relationship. Get your own life, then share it.” – Chris Brown

“You can’t be old and wise if you were never young and crazy.” – Chris Brown

Summary: Chris Brown Net Worth [year]

  • Chris Brown’s Net Worth is $50 million. 
  • He was born in a small town in Virginia and began singing and dancing at a young age. 
  • He moved to New York at the age of 15 to pursue a career in music. 
  • Chris Brown was inspired by Michael Jackson.
  • He has released ten studio albums and has had many ups and downs in his career.
  • Brown has made multiple TV appearances, including in The O.C. as Will Tutt. He has guessed starred in shows as himself too.
  • He has also founded his own record label called CBE. 
  • Chris Brown was notoriously linked to a domestic violence incident with singer Rihanna who was his then-girlfriend. The couple reconciled a few years later but parted ways once again.
  • He has three children to three different women. The oldest, a girl, was born in 2014 and the youngest, another girl, in 2022. His middle child is a boy.
  • Brown also goes by the names of C. Sizzle, Breezy, and CB. 

What do you think of this Chris Brown net worth article? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Dan Bilzerian Net Worth | Las Vegas Playboy’s Gambling and Earnings https://wealthmack.com/dan-bilzerian-net-worth-las-vegas-playboys-gambling-and-earnings/ https://wealthmack.com/dan-bilzerian-net-worth-las-vegas-playboys-gambling-and-earnings/#respond Fri, 09 Sep 2022 09:14:14 +0000 https://wealthmack.com/?p=1980 Reading Time: 12 minutesDan Bilzerian Net Worth: $200 million Born: 7th December 1980...]]> Reading Time: 12 minutes
Dan Bilzerian Net Worth: $200 million
Born: 7th December 1980 (41 Years Old)
Profession: Poker player, Entrepreneur, Influencer
Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius
Hobbies:Shooting, Partying
Hometown:Tampa, Florida

In 2022, famous poker player and social media influencer Dan Bilzerian’s net worth is approximately $200 million.

Bilzerian has accumulated his wealth through a number of different means, including a trust fund set up by his parents, playing high-stakes poker, real estate investing, social media marketing, and acting.

Also known as the “King of Instagram” (over 33 million followers), Dan Bilzerian has made a career out of posting pictures and videos of his lavish lifestyle.

Early Life

Daniel Brandon Bilzerian was born in Tampa, Florida on December 30, 1980. His father, Paul Bilzerian, is a corporate takeover specialist (also known as a corporate raider) who was indicted for fraud in the 1980s. The financier was jailed for 11 months in 1991 when Dan was just ten years old. His mother, Terri Steffen, met his father at Stanford University and married him in 1978.

According to his LinkedIn page, his father lives on the island of St Kitts.

Dan is half Armenian from his father’s side and half American and spent much of his childhood between the two countries.

Bilzerian grew up in an eleven-bedroom mansion with a basketball court and swimming pool. Yet, despite his family’s wealth, Dan had a problematic childhood and often found himself alone.

dan bilzerian early family photo with mom and dad and brother
An early Bilzerian family photo.

Talking about his childhood, he said, “Basically, I didn’t get a ton of attention as a kid. I guess that’s why I’m such a flashy lunatic.”

Following the conviction of his father, Bilzerian started to become increasingly disruptive at school and was eventually expelled from two schools in one year.

Military Service

After being asked to leave school on a number of occasions, Dan decided to join the Navy SEALs. The SEALs (Sea, Air, and Land Teams) are the US Navy’s principal special operations force. They are renowned for their physical fitness, mental toughness, and ability to operate in all environments.

Not many SEALs trainees graduate; in fact, it’s estimated that only 25% make it through the grueling training.

Bilzerian applied to the SEAL training program two times but was rejected on each occasion, eventually being honorably discharged from the Navy in 2009. He was discharged on medical grounds after breaking his leg during a parachute jump.


After his unsuccessful attempt at military service, Dan Bilzerian turned to poker.

He had learned to play the popular gambling game from his brother, Adam Bilzerian, and at the University of Florida, where he enrolled in a pre-law course but was kicked out in his second year.

Due to the injuries sustained in the military, the college undergrad could claim $6,000 a month in disability allowances for a veteran.

All his earnings went on gambling, and by his second year, he was broke. Upon hearing the news, Dan’s father stopped him from accessing his trust fund money.

Desperate for cash, Dan started selling his collection of guns which were his pride and joy.

dan bilzerian with women
Bilzerian’s partying habits in college led him to go broke.

Despite the losses, the young college student returned to the poker table with focus and determination.

It worked, and he turned his initial $700 investment into $10,000. After his huge win, he immediately flew to Las Vegas, where he was able to turn his $10,000 into $187,000.

Bilzerian started to earn a consistent income and was reportedly making $90,000 some weeks. After that, however, the college dropout wanted to ‘up the ante.’

High Stakes Gambling

In 2007, buoyed by his success, Bilzerian and his brother Adam (also a professional poker player) entered the high-stakes poker world.

However, he was in for a reality check when he placed 180th in the tournament World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event 2009, which had a 1st place prize of $8.5 million.

Dan earned $36,626.

His sibling Adam placed 47th and earned over $138,000.

dan bilzerian playing poker with brother adam bilzerian
Dan playing poker with his brother Adam.

Despite his poor performance in the tournament, Dan Bilzerian was voted as one of the funniest poker players to watch.

The former military recruit often made outrageous bets with vast amounts of money at stake. He has been known to bet over $500,000 on a single hand of blackjack and $150,000 on a single turn of the roulette wheel.

Although Dan Bilzerian has had some big wins, his losses have been just as significant. In an interview in 2017 with Graham Bensinger, he said his biggest ever poker win was $12 million in a day, and his largest loss was around $3.5million.

Because of his outlandish personality and larger-than-life character, Bilzerian started to gain a huge following on social media. This ‘persona’ made him a highly sought-after opponent to play high-stakes poker.

In the interview with Bensinger, Dan admitted that he didn’t care about being the best poker player in the world and was only interested in playing for “stacks” (large amounts of money).

In fact, Dan wanted to be perceived as a bad player as it would make it easier to play against “super rich guys that weren’t very good” in private games, which he saw as a much easier path to build wealth.

He admitted that he played up to the rich, trust fund baby, spoilt image as his billionaire gambling opponents would underestimate his poker skills giving him the edge in poker games. At the time, he didn’t have access to any trust fund money.

Bilzerian has played against a number of high-net-worth individuals, including famous actor Tobey Maguire, boxers Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquaio, and DJ Steve Aoki.

Other Gambling

Bilzerian has been known to make some outrageous bets, including:

Social Media Marketing

In 2010, off the back of his poker profile, Dan started to build his social media presence, posting pictures of his lavish lifestyle on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Dan’s social media blew up overnight as his newfound Instagram fame made him popular predominantly among young men.

After posting images of his lifestyle that included guns, fast cars, and women, Dan’s social media following increased rapidly. This made him even more attractive to poker sponsors, and he started to rake in even more millions from his gambling career.

Within a few short years, he became known as the ‘King of Instagram’ and currently has over 33 million followers.

dan bilzerian with woman next to boat
Bilzerian rose to fame posting his lifestyle on Instagram. Credit: Instagram

How Much Does Dan Bilzerian Earn From Instagram?

While not his primary source of income, Instagram does provide the poker star with another source of revenue which is impressive considering he posts pictures of his life.

Each of Bilzerian’s photos receives an average of 1.9 million likes and has an engagement rate of around 1.0% (which is very good). 

It is estimated that accounts of this size and engagement can charge between $75,000 and $150,000 per post. This potentially means that Bilzerian could earn $50 million from his Instagram account alone if he posted daily. 

However, most social media influencers of this size don’t typically do promotional posts for other companies and focus on their brand and products.

Dan believes that he could be making “probably $10-$15million” a year just from his Instagram if he wanted to.

Social Media Accounts of Dan Bilzerian

Instagram: Visit Now

Twitter: Visit Now

Facebook: Visit Now

YouTube: Visit Now


Dan has several houses, one in Florida and one in Los Angeles.

After selling his house in Las Vegas in 2017 for over $5 million (which he bought in 2014 for $4 million), the bachelor rents out mansions whenever he stays in Vegas.

His old 9,000 square ft Vegas house had everything you would need, including a gourmet kitchen, library, sauna, fitness suite, indoor theatre, and an outdoor pool.

The poker star now spends most of his time in a $67.5 million Bel-Air mansion which he rents for $200,000 a month.

dan bilzerian bel air mansion
Image credit: MLS / Zillow

Spanning 30,000 square feet, 10979 Chalon Road is one of the most luxurious Los Angeles homes on the market. And the price sure does reflect that: the house is now listed for $67.5 million.

The massive Los Angeles estate at 10979 Chalon Road spans 30,000 square feet and is fit for luxury living. The current asking price of $67.50 million certainly reflects this.

The 13-bedroom, 24-bathroom mansion boasts stunning views of the Bel-Air golf course, the city of Los Angeles, and the majestic Pacific Ocean.

The mega mansion features multiple staircases, an elevator, a 40+ seat home theater, multiple living and dining areas, a 2-lane bowling alley, salon/ spa, 14 attached garage spaces, rooftop infinity pool, rooftop gym, a 12-foot waterfall, tennis courts, putting green and five wet bars.

How Many Cars Does Bilzerian Have?

Bilzerian is a massive fan of supercars and always adds to his magnificent car collection. And while his car collection is just as impressive as his houses, it’s hard to pin down just how many cars he has.

His stable of luxury cars includes a Lamborghini Aventador worth over $750,000, a 1965 Shelby Cobra worth $850,000, Rolls Royce Phantom valued at $1.2 million, a Rolls Royce Cullinan worth $1 million, and a Cadillac Escalade worth $80,000.

Private Jet

The college dropout owns a Gulfstream G-IV private jet which is valued to be in the region of $6 million.

Dan Bilzerian’s Super Yacht

In 2021, Bilzerian purchased a custom superyacht for approximately $60 million. The yacht contains a movie theater and two pools.


At the height of his social media fame, Bilzerian was offered and applied for a number of acting roles in Hollywood, including The Equalizer with Denzel Washington and The Other Woman with Cameron Diaz.

Unfortunately, Dan’s acting career never really took off, and his only notable role to date is in the 2016 film War Dogs where he played himself.

Dan invested $1m in the Mark Wahlberg war film Lone Survivor, which was conditional upon him getting at least eight minutes of screen time and 80 words of dialogue. Unfortunately, his role was eventually cut to just one line, and he would end up suing the production team.

Having reaped all the publicity, Bilzerian decided to drop the case as he’d made millions from his initial investment in the film’s success.

Even though Dan’s acting career never really took off, he did make a cameo appearance in the music video for Work Hard Play Hard by American rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Presidential Run

Bilzerian announced his bid to run for the President of the United States in 2016, giving him much attention. Although, he later stopped his run for the presidency and endorsed Republican Donald Trump over Democratic opponent Hilary Clinton.

Bilzerian still has aspirations to run for the highest political office in America and believes he will run again in the next ten years.

Business and Investing

Dan Bilzerian’s career as a social media star has been filled with highlights. In addition, he has earned millions through his poker playing and other business ventures.

In 2016, Dan released a mobile game app, Save Dan, available for download on iOS and android. The game was based on a Zombie Apolocapyse where the aim is to save Dan from hordes of women zombies. The game was not well received by the public and was quickly pulled from app stores.

What is Dan Bilzerians Company?

In 2017, after growing tired of playing poker, Dan founded his own company, Ignite International Brands Ltd. The company sells Cannabidiol (CBD), Nicotine, Spirits, and Beverages.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, the company went public in January 2019 and currently has a market capitalization of $117 million. Revenue in the 4th quarter of 2021 was approximately $50 million, which is exceptional performance considering in its previous year, the company earned $16 million in the financial year.

dan bilzerian launching ignite
Bilzerian at Ignite Launch

It shows a remarkable turnaround in which the company’s future looked bleak in 2019 when it posted a $50 million loss.

In 2013, Dan put up 20% of the $10,000 buy-in for an up-and-coming poker star, Jay Farber, at the World Series of Poker. When Farber won $5m, Dan was able to claim a $1m cut. What’s more: he got to sit in the front row, getting his beard stroked by a model on live television.


In 2022, Bilzerian wrote his own book titled The Setup (Foreword by David Goggins). The book is highly rated and averages a 4.1/5 on goodread.com as it details his upbringing and crazy times in Las Vegas.


In 2005, at the age of just 25, Bilzerian suffered two heart attacks which he attributes to his extreme lifestyle of alcohol, drugs, lack of sleep, gambling, and sex.

Favorite Quotes from Dan Bilzerian

“Going broke is a very powerful experience for a gambler; it’s almost like a must. If you don’t go broke you really don t know how s*** it is”

“Climbing the mountain is always more fun than sitting at the top. It’s just you have to find different mountains to climb”.

Dan Bilzerian

“When you are single and have no dependants, you should be able to do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t adversely affect other people.”

“Sometimes I feel like a 16-year-old who’s got a blank check”.

“Anything that we can do to help men be more confident, I think that’s going to be a net positive.”

Dan Bilzerian

Summary: Dan Bilzerian Net Worth

  • Dan Bilzerian’s net worth is approximately $200 million.
  • He grew up in Florida and was expelled from a number of schools after his Dad went to jail for financial fraud.
  • He currently has 20 employees, including three assistants and three chefs.
  • The most he has even won in a single day playing poker is $12 million, whilst the most he has lost is $3.5 million.
  • Bilzerian lives in a $65 million mansion in Los Angeles and a collection of supercars. He also owns a private jet and a superyacht.
  • Dan is prolific on social media, known as the ‘King of Instagram’, he has over 33 million followers.
  • He has made some outrageous bets with his billionaire friends, one of which included cycling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 33 hours.
  • Bilzerian founded Ignite International Brands Ltd in 2017, which sells nicotine and Cannabidiol products.
  • Bilzerian had two heart attacks at the age of 25.

What do you think of this Dan Bilzerian net worth article? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Dan Bilzerian worth?

Dan Bilzerian’s net worth is estimated to be $200 Million.

How old is Dan Bilzerian?

Dan Bilzerian was born on December 7, 1980, and is currently 41 years old.

How tall is Dan Bilzerian?

Dan Bilzerian’s height is 1.74 m, which is equal to 5 ft 9 in.

Why is Dan Bilzerian famous?

Bilzerian shot to fame amongst poker enthusiasts for his outlandish bets. However, he gained worldwide fame from his social media accounts, where he posts pictures of his lavish lifestyle.

Who is Dan Bilzerian wife?

Bilzerian is not married but frequently posts pictures of himself with multiple women. He recently posted on Instagram alluding to finally getting married, but this was a joke.

What did Dan Bilzerian’s Dad do?

Bilzerian’s Dad, Paul Bilzerian, was a corporate raider who was imprisoned for fraud during the early 90s. According to his LinkedIn page, he currently lives in St Kitts.

How did Bilzerian get rich?

Bilzerian got rich by playing poker in Vegas at the private tables with high-net-worth individuals. Dan realized he couldn’t beat pro players, so he went to play billionaires who were easy to beat and had more money.

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Ice Cube Net Worth 2022 | American Rapper’s Life and Earnings https://wealthmack.com/ice-cube-net-worth/ https://wealthmack.com/ice-cube-net-worth/#respond Fri, 02 Sep 2022 11:12:09 +0000 https://wealthmack.com/?p=1901 Reading Time: 8 minutesIce Cube Net Worth: $160 million Born: 15th June 1969...]]> Reading Time: 8 minutes
Ice Cube Net Worth: $160 million
Born: 15th June 1969 (53 Years Old)
Profession: Rapper, actor, and filmmaker  

The American rapper, actor, and filmmaker Ice Cube, has a net worth of approximately $160 million. 

Early Life 

O’Shea Jackson Sr., or Ice Cube, was born on the 15th of June 1969.

He was born in Los Angeles to parents Hosea Jackson and Doris Jackson. His father was a groundskeeper at UCLA as well as a machinist, while his mother was a custodian and hospital clerk.

Jackson grew up in the Westmont area of South Los Angeles, on Van Wick Street. He has an older brother and a half-sister. Unfortunately, his sister was murdered when Ice Cube was just twelve years old. 

a young ice cube praying
A young Ice Cube. Credit: Twitter

According to Ice Cube himself, it was his older brother who made him think of his stage name. This is after his brother had threatened to put him into a freezer and only take him out when he had turned into an ice cube.


Ice Cube went to LA’s George Washington Preparatory High School. It was when he was in 9th grade here that he began to write raps. The rapping began in his typewriting class when he was challenged by a friend who went by the nickname “Kiddo.” 

Jackson attended William Howard Taft High School in California’s Woodland Hills. This was a suburban school that was 40 miles away from where he lived. He went there on the bus to get away from the high-crime neighborhood he was living in. 

In the fall of 1987, Ice Cube enrolled at the Phoenix Institute of Technology in Arizona. A year later, he had achieved an architectural drafting diploma and returned to LA to try to launch his rap career. His architecture drafting career was his backup plan. 

Building a Rap Career

At the age of 16 in 1986, Ice Cube began wrapping in a wrap trio called C.I.A., which was an acronym for Cru’ in Action! 

During his time with this group, he performed at parties that were hosted by fellow rapper Dr. Dre who was a member of the World Class Wreckin’ Cru, a famous DJ crew. 

In the same year, Dre had Ice Cube join him on a side project, and he recorded a 12-inch record called “She’s a Skag” that was released in 1986 on Epic Records.

It wasn’t long before he joined a new group called N.W.A, however. This group was one of the first to popularize the subgenre of gangsta rap.

early black and white photo on nwa
Ice Cube (bottom left) in N.W.A

When he was a part of N.W.A., he was the group’s lead rapper and ghostwriter on their debut album Straight Outta Comptom in 1988. He was also the group’s only member not to be born in Compton. 

However, there was a dispute over finances and Ice Cube left the group before the new decade. He sued Jerry Heller, N.W.A’s manager and it was settled out of court. 

Going Solo

In 1990, Jackson released his first solo album called AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted through Priority Records. This album was a huge success and was partly responsible for Ice Cube’s integration into the mainstream. 

The album was, however, controversial and there were accusations of racism and misogyny. It was this album that affirmed Ice Cube’s ideology of black struggle and Black nationalism.

Ice Cube also helped to develop Yo-Yo as a rapper as he appointed her to feature on his album and then helped her with her own debut album called Make Way for the Motherlode.

The same year, Ice Cube released Kill at Will, his first EP, and a huge success. This EP was certified platinum and critically acclaimed.

Second and Third Albums

The rapper released his second album in 1991. Death Certificate was more controversial than his first album and was accused of being misogynistic, antisemitic, and anti-white. 

The album also sends insults toward N.W.A and their manager, mentioning him as a Jew and calling for his murder. “Black Korea” was also a track deemed to be racist.

Despite its controversies, the album broadened Ice Cube’s audience, and he ended up touring in 1992 with Lollapalooza music festival.

The Predator was Ice Cube’s third album, and this was released in November 1992. This was the first to debut at number one on both the pop charts and R&B/hip-hop charts. It drew critical praise was sold more than three million copies in the United States alone. 

ice cube leaning against cadillac
Ice Cube released multiple solo albums in the 90s. Credit: Tumblr

The Predator was the last of Ice Cube’s albums to please his rap audience and his audience diminished after this.

4th, 5th, and 6th albums     

The controversial rapper released his 4th album Lethal Injection in 1993. This showed a different direction and followed in Dr. Dre’s footsteps in the G-funk subgenre of gangsta rap. 

Critics were harsh about it, but it did bring about many successful singles like “Really Doe” and “Bop Gun (One Nation).”

After his 4th album, Ice Cube focused on producing albums for other rappers and films. 

Ice Cube also started to collaborate with others outside his genre. He worked with Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie on a “I’m Afraid of Americans” remix. 

He also featured on “Children of the Korn” by Korn and joined them on tour in 1998.

Ice Cube’s fifth album was long-awaited. It was released in 1998 as War & Peace Vol. 1 (The War Disc). Volume 2 didn’t arrive until 2000. 

In The New Millenium

Ice Cube didn’t release another solo album until 2006 when he released Laugh Now, Cry Later. 

In 2010, he released I Am the West and in 2012, Everythang’s Corrupt, his tenth studio album. 

Film and TV Career

Ice Cube has appeared in been in almost 40 films, and many of them have been critically acclaimed. These include Trespass in 1992 and Three Kings in 1999.

Perhaps his most famous movie appearance was in the 1991 Oscar nominated Boyz n the Hood which starred Cuba Gooding Jr, Morris Chesnut and Laurence Fishburne. Jackson played Darin “Doughboy” Baker in what was his first movie role.

Jackson’s career also spans TV shows and documentaries like Straight Outta L.A. and Are We There Yet

ice cube in boyz n the hood
Doughboy was Ice Cubes’ first movie role. Credit: Pinterest

Ice Cube has also voiced the role of Chief Petty Officer Joseph Bowman in the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops.


Ice Cube has been nominated for many awards for films and has won two film awards. These are Blockbuster Entertainment Award:

  • Favorite Action Team in 2000 for Three Kings
  • Mecca Movie Award: Acting Award in 2002.

For his music, he has won:

  • 2006 VH1 Hip Hop Honors
  • 2009 BET Hip-Hop Award
  • 2014 BET Honores.

Finally, in 2017, he was awarded a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. 

ice cube on walk of fame
Credit: aurn.com

Family Life and Personal Life

Ice Cube married Kimberly Woodruff in 1992. He reportedly saw her for the first time when she was coming down an escalator in a mall. However, Kimberly was dating someone else at the time. 

Six months later, Kim was single, and the couple started dating in 1989.

Ice Cube surprised Kim with a BMW for her birthday and left an engagement ring sitting on the seat. 

Together, the couple had four children: O’Shea Jr. in 1991 before they got married, Darryl in 1992, Kareema in 1994, and Shareef in 1995, making that four children in 4.5 years.

O’Shea Jackson Jr. has followed in his father’s footsteps and is an actor and rapper. He even played the role of his father in the biographical drama Straight Outta Compton in 2015. O’Shea’s stage name is OMG. 

Ice Cube with his family. Credit: Business Insider

O’Shea also has a daughter, which means Ice Cube is a grandfather.

Ice Cube officially and legally changed his name to Ice Cube!

Ice Cube Quotes

“I make a mean cup of coffee if you give me the right ingredients.” – Ice Cube

“I think the worst thing you can do about a situation is nothing.” – Ice Cube

“I think, to me, reality is better than being fake.” – Ice Cube

“Sports without music, it’s nothing but a game. Music adds the emotion.” – Ice Cube

“South Central is just who I am.” – Ice Cube

“Ice Cube is the piece of me that I give away to the public.” – Ice Cube

“Truth is the ultimate power. When the truth comes around, all the lies have to run and hide.” – Ice Cube

“I’m always happy. I’ve just got a mean face.” – Ice Cube

“Create your own path, hone your talent, be ready to show your talent, and don’t doubt yourself.”

– Ice Cube

“Sometimes you got to start somewhere. And it’s cool, as long as where you start is not where you plan on finishing.” – Ice Cube

“Money comes and goes, but your inner feelings, your gut feelings, your manhood, your womanhood, whatever, that stays with you. That don’t go anywhere. So, you either proud of who you are and how you handle situations or you not. If you handle a situation wrong, you, it will haunt you.” – Ice Cube

Summary: Ice Cube Net Worth 2022

  • Ice Cube Net Worth is $160 million. 
  • He was born O’Shea Jackson but got the nickname Ice Cube after his brother threatened to put him in a freezer. He has since legally changed his name to Ice Cube.
  • He has had 10 solo studio albums and has also done a lot of work in film and television. 
  • Ice Cube’s earlier albums caused some controversy, and he was accused of racism, antisemitism, and misogyny. 
  • Ice Cube has been married to his wife Kimberly since 1992 and has 4 children. 
  • His eldest son is called O’Shea Jr. and is also in the music and film industry. 

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Phil Mickelson Net Worth 2022 | Golfing Champion’s Career and Earnings https://wealthmack.com/phil-mickelson-net-worth/ https://wealthmack.com/phil-mickelson-net-worth/#respond Fri, 02 Sep 2022 09:59:35 +0000 https://wealthmack.com/?p=1898 Reading Time: 8 minutesPhil Mickelson Net Worth: $300 million Born: 16th June 1970...]]> Reading Time: 8 minutes
Phil Mickelson Net Worth: $300 million
Born:16th June 1970 (52 Years Old)
Profession: Golfer  
Children: 3

The American professional golfer Phil Mickelson has a net worth of $300 million.   

Early life 

Philip Alfred Mickelson was born on 16th June 1970 to Mary Santos and Philip Mickelson, a former naval aviator turned airline pilot. He was born and raised in San Diego, California, and also spend time in Scottsdale, Arizona.

He is of Portuguese, Sicilian, and Swedish heritage.

Phil Mickelson’s interest in golf began at a young age. His maternal grandfather worked as a caddie and took young Phil to play golf as a child. 

young phil mickelson cutting a cake
A young Phil Mickelson. Credit: cronkitenews.

Mickelson was right-handed but learned to play by observation and so mirrored his father’s right swing by playing golf left-handed. This has gained him the nickname ‘lefty’.

Mickelson was playing golf with his father before starting school. Due to his father’s work schedule, they were able to play together many times a week.

According to his parents, Phil ran away from home aged three and told neighbors he would play golf.


Mickelson attended Cathedral Catholic High School in San Diego, California, and graduated in 1988. 

After graduating from high school, the golfing prodigy won a golf scholarship at Arizona State University, where he went to study psychology. It was here he became the United States’ face of amateur golf. 

Early Golfing Achievements 

While Mickelson was at Arizona State University, he won the Haskins Award three years running in 1990, 1991, and 1992). This award is given to the most outstanding collegiate golfer in the US.

He competed in three NCAA championships, sharing the record for the most with Ben Crenshaw. 

young phil mickelson golf swing
Mickelson was a famous amateur golfer. Credit: thefriedegg.com

While playing collegiate golf, Mickelson won 16 tournaments, and he was the second collegiate golfer to earn All-American honors for the first team for all four years. 

1990 saw Mickelson become the first left-handed player to win the U.S. Amateur title.

His most outstanding achievement, however, was in January 1991, when he won the Northern Telecom Opera, his first PGA Tour event. This is still the most recent amateur win at a PGA Tour event.

Mickelson’s Professional Career

In 1992, Phil Mickelson graduated from Arizona State University and turned to professional golf. Thanks to his win in 1991 at the Northern Telecom Open, he bypassed the qualifying process for the tour for two years.

Mickelson’s first professional caddy was Jim “Bones” Mackay, a role he held for 25 years. 

Mickelson won lots of PGA tournaments in the first decade of his professional career. These include the World Series of Golf and the Byron Nelson Golf Classic in 1996, and 1998’s AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. 

First major wins   

Mickelson didn’t get his first major wins until he’d been playing professionally for 13 years. In 2004, he won the Masters on the PGA Tour with a 5.5-meter birdie on the final hole. He became the third left-handed golfer ever to win a major. 

Just prior to 2004’s Ryder Cup, Mickelson was dropped from his Titleist/Acushnet Golf contract after leaving a voicemail to a rival company praising them. 

He was then taken on by the company Callaway Golf, but received scrutiny and ridicule for this sudden change just before the Ryder Cup.

Phil Mickelson with masters green jacket
Mickelson won his first major in 2004.

Mickelson performed poorly at said cup but refused to blame the last-minute equipment change.

After a year, Mickelson was back on form and won his second major at Baltusrol at the PGA Championship. He then went on to win his third major at the Masters in 2006.

2006 U.S. Open

After winning two majors, Mickelson tried his hand at joining Tiger Woods and Ben Hogan to win three majors consecutively. He was in joint lead at the final round but made huge mistakes at the final hole and tied for second place.

Mickelson’s Renowned Generosity and Losing Weight  

The American golfer is known for his generosity and his interaction with the crowds at golfing events.

After breaking a spectator’s watch in the 2006 Ford Championship, Mickelson gave the man $200. 

The following year, he volunteered to pay for Conrad Dobler’s daughter Hollli’s tuition fees for Miami University after hearing the retired NFL player’s struggles with medical bills on ESPN.

Mickelson appeared in Men’s Vogue recalling his efforts to lose 9 kg (20 lbs) with Sean Cochran, a trainer. When training, he ate five small meals a day, did flexibility and power exercises alongside aerobic training, and carried his golf bag himself.

phil mickelson weight loss
Mickelson lost weight in a bid to extend his career. Credit. golf.com

Breaking From Golf and Family Illnesses   

Mickelson continued playing golf and won his 36th victory and first World Golf Championship in 2009 by one stroke ahead of Nick Watney.

He briefly took time away from golf the same year due to his wife being diagnosed with breast cancer. However, he returned after hearing it had been caught early. 

Just a few months later, Mickelson’s mother was also diagnosed with the same disease, and so Mickelson took another break from the sport.

The 2010s Onwards

Mickelson was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2010. He switched to a vegetarian diet and began medical treatment with the hope of a successful recovery. His prognosis was good, and he continued to play golf.

His career certainly didn’t end as a result, and he even went on to win both the Scottish Open and The Open Championship in 2013, which was the first time any player had won both in the same year. 

In the following few years, Mickelson had a few issues with form and had some close calls and championships but no wins. His winless streak finally ended in 2018 at the WGC-Mexico Championship. 

This win, at age 47, meant he was the oldest person to ever win this championship.

Mickelson ended his winless streak in Mexico 2018. Credit. PGA tour

His winning streak continued as he defeated Paul Casey at the 2019 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and this was his 44th title in his career. He was 48 and the oldest ever winner of this event.

Mickelson continued to be undeterred by his age and went on to win the Dominion Energy Charity Classic in Virginia in 2020 and continued playing well in the 2021 PGA Tour Championships.

Mickelson’s Career Achievements and Earnings

Phil Mickelson ranks 2nd on the all-time PGA Tour money list in terms of prize money he has won. However, he earns much more from his endorsements than he does prize money.

It was estimated in 2011 that he was the second-highest paid US athlete with an income of more than $62 million. It is believed that $53 million was from endorsements. 

In 2022, Mickelson lost many of his endorsements after he made some comments about LIV Golf, a Saudi-backed golf league. 

He had described Saudis as “scary mother*****s to get involved with… We know they killed Khashoggi and have a horrible record on human rights. They execute people over there for being gay. Knowing all of this, why would I even consider it? Because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reshape how the PGA Tour operates.”

Family life and Personal Life

Mickelson married Amy McBride in 1996. She was also an ASU alum as well as a cheerleader for the Phoenix Suns in the NBA. They have three daughters called Amanda and Sophia and a son called Evan. 

Mickelson is a Christian and supports the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. He has also been involved in several charitable causes.

phil mickelson with his wife and three daughters holding trophy

Mickelson is interested in real estate and also owns six Arizona golf courses.

He is open about how he had a gambling problem. He has admitted to having hundreds of hours’ worth of therapy. He once lost over $40 million over four years.

Phil Mickelson Quotes

“A great shot is when you pull it off. A smart shot is when you don’t have the guts to try it.” – Phil Mickelson

“The object of golf is not just to win. It is to play like a gentleman, and win.”

– Phil Mickelson

“I think it’s more than whether or not you win or lose. It’s having that opportunity on that final round, final nine, to come down the stretch with a chance to win.” – Phil Mickelson

“The winner of this tournament doesn’t just win a major. He becomes a part of the history of the game.” – Phil Mickelson

“Changing would not give me the best chance to win. I need to have fun. I need to attack.” – Phil Mickelson

“I try to respect everybody out here: players, caddies, fans, media.”

Phil Mickelson

“If you add up all the federal and you look at the disability and the unemployment and the Social Security and the state, my tax rate’s 62, 63 percent. So, I’ve got to make some decisions on what I’m going to do.” – Phil Mickelson

Summary: Phil Mickelson Net Worth 2022

  • Phil Mickelson Net Worth is $300 million. 
  • Nicknamed “Lefty” he is actually right-handed but learned to play by mirroring.
  • He has won 45 PGA Tour events, which include six major championships and two Masters titles.
  • In 2021, he became the oldest person to win a major championship at 51 years of age. 
  • He has spent over 25 years consecutively in the Official World Golf Ranking top 50 and was in the top 10 for 700 weeks in total.
  • In 2012, he was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.
  • He has been married to Amy since 1996 and has three children. 

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Bob Saget Net Worth 2022 | American Comedian’s Life and Earnings https://wealthmack.com/bob-saget-net-worth/ https://wealthmack.com/bob-saget-net-worth/#respond Thu, 25 Aug 2022 12:52:43 +0000 https://wealthmack.com/?p=1736 Reading Time: 8 minutesBob Saget Net Worth: $50 million Born: 17th May 1956 ...]]> Reading Time: 8 minutes
Bob Saget Net Worth: $50 million
Born: 17th May 1956  (Died 9th January 2022 at 65 Years Old)
Profession:Stand-up comedian, television host, actor, and filmmaker  
Spouse:Kelly Rizzo (m. 2018-2022), Sherri Kramer (m. 1982-1997)

According to celebritynetworth.com, the American stand-up comedian, actor, TV host, and filmmaker Bob Saget had a net worth of $50 million at his death on 9th January 2022. 

Early Life 

Robert “Bob” Lane Saget was born on 17th May 1956 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His father, Benjamin Saget, was a supermarket executive, while his mother, Rosalyn – nicknamed Dolly – was an administrator in a hospital. His family was Jewish. 

Bob and his family moved to Norfolk in Virginia early in his life, and he attended Lake Taylor High briefly. 

young bob saget with his parents
Saget with his parents. Credit: DailyMail

Saget attributed the start of his sense of humor developing after being a rebellious student at the Temple Israel in Norfolk, a conservative synagogue. 

When Saget turned 13, he went back to Philadelphia for his bar mitzvah as his family lived there. 

After living in Norfolk, Virginia, Saget, and his family moved to Los Angeles in the Encino neighborhood. This is where he met The Three Stooges’ Larry Fine. 


Just before Saget’s senior year, the family moved back to Philadelphia and Bob Saget graduated from Abington Senior High School. 

Originally, Saget wanted to be a doctor, but he was encouraged to work in films by his English teacher, who saw his potential. 

As a result, Saget went to the film school at Temple University in Philadelphia and created a black-and-white film called Through Adam’s Eyes. This won him a merit award in the Student Academy Awards. He graduated in 1978.

After this, Saget did intend to take a graduate course at the University of Southern California, but he decided to quit after a few days. 


Saget had two older sisters, Andrea and Gay. Gay was a schoolteacher near Philadelphia.

In 1984, Andrea died from a brain aneurism aged just 35. In 1994, Gay died from systemic scleroderma, having only been diagnosed a few years before. She was 47.

Saget’s mother and father died in 2014 and 2007, respectively. 


Saget’s first role was a short stint on The Morning Program on CBS in 1987. After this, he took on the role of Danny Tanner, a widowed father, in the ABC sitcom Full House.

Full House was a huge success and was in the Top 30 in the Nielsen ratings.

Saget took his first TV host role in 1989 when he began hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos. This is a role he continued to have until 1997. He worked simultaneously on this while also working on Full House.

bob saget presenter of americas funniest home videos
Saget was a long-running host of America’s Funniest Home Videos. Credit; doyouremember


Bob Saget directed For Hope in 1996. This was a TV movie for ABC and was inspired by his sister’s life story. Gay Saget died from scleroderma three years prior.

Two years later in 1998, Saget directed Dirty Work, his first feature film. This starred Artie Lange and Norm Macdonald. 

Unfortunately, this had low returns at the box office and was received negatively in critic reviews. That said, it has now become somewhat of a cult favorite.

Career During The 2000s     

Saget took on another role playing a widowed dad in Raising Dad. This also starred Jerry Adler, Brie Larson, and Kat Dennings. However, this show only aired for one season. 

After this, Saget starred at the voice of Ted Mosby in the future and narrated How I Met Your Mother, the CBS sitcom. This ran for an impressive nine seasons between 2005 and 2014.

Between 2006 and 2008, Bob Saget also hosted 1 Vs. 100, the NBC gameshow. 

In 2007, the comedian released a DVD comedy special called That Ain’t Right, which was dedicated to his father who had died from congestive heart failure earlier that year. 

For five years from 2005 to 2010, he played a parody version of himself in Entourage, a TV series on HBO. He also appeared in the spin-off feature film. 

Other Work

As a parody of March of the Penguins (2005), Bob Saget wrote, starred, and directed in Farce of the Penguins. This was released directly to DVD in 2007. 

In 2014, Saget released a book called Dirty Daddy. The book contains stories about his career, his experiences with life (and death) and his comedy influences. 

He followed the book with a small book tour and a tour of his stand-up called Bob Saget Live: The Dirty Daddy Tour. This was a tour of Australia, which saw him perform in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Sydney. 

Reprise of Full House Role

Saget reprised his role as Danny Tanner in a Full House sequel series called Fuller House. This ran for fifteen episodes.

bob saget in fuller house
Saget returns to the screen in Fuller House. Credit: sportshub

Saget’s Death and Posthumous Podcast Release

On 9th January 2022 (which is also the same date as his sister’s birthday), Saget was found to be unresponsive in a hotel room in the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando. This was after he had missed his checkout time and his family had been unable to contact him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

At the time of his death, Saget had been performing a stand-up tour and had just performed the previous evening in Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville, Florida 150 miles away. He was due to continue performing in Florida, then going through America before finishing the tour in June in Canada.

A month later, the autopsy revealed that he had died from blunt head trauma after an accidental blow to his head, which is likely to have been a fall. 

It is believed that he died in his sleep from the resulting injuries – a subarachnoid hemorrhage and a subdural hematoma. He was also positive for Covid-19 when he died.

Saget’s funeral was held on 14th January 2022, and he was buried in Mount Sinai Memorial Park Cemetery, the largest Jewish cemetery in California, close to his sister’s and parents’ graves.

Prior to his death, the comedian had been working on a podcast with Studio71 called Bob Saget’s Here for You. 

The podcast ran for 130 episodes. The final episode featured a fellow comedian Dane Cook, and was released on 31st January 2022, a couple of weeks after Saget’s death. 

Charitable work

Bob Saget had been on the board of director for the charity SRF (Scleroderma Research Foundation) since 2003. After Saget’s death, many fans donated to the charity, totaling $90,000.

What’s more, a single $1.5 million donation was awarded by one of the board members as a grant to match every donation in Saget’s memory.

Family Life and Personal Life

Bob Saget married his first wife Sherri Kramer, in 1982. Together they had three daughters, Aubrey, Lara, and Jennifer. Sadly, the couple divorced in 1997.

In 2018, Bob Saget married his second wife Kelly Rizzo. Rizzo was the host of Eat Travel Rock TV

bob saget with his second wife kelly rizzo
Saget with his second wife Kelly Rizzo. Credit: Instagram.

Bob Saget Quotes

“If you don’t wake up every day happy, change something.” – Bob Saget

“Valuable people are undervalued” – Bob Saget

“Most people argue over who’s right, not about what the truth is.”

– Bob Saget

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life. And if that doesn’t work out for you, tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.” – Bob Saget

“I have the brain of a German Shepherd and the body of a 16-year-old boy; they’re both in my car and I want you to see them.” – Bob Saget

“My father once told me, and it’s stuck with me to this day: As you walk through life, every time you fart, it pushes you forward.” – Bob Saget

“Today is a brand-new day. A fay of change, of promise, of creativity, of kindness, and of love. I’m going back to bed.”

– Bob Saget

“Full House was a show that was done for ten-year-olds. The critics hated it. They said terrible, terrible things about it. But it should have been reviewed by ten-year-olds. That’s who it was made for. They loved it. And if they loved it, great. Why the hell does a fifty-year-old guy working at a big newspaper have to tell me I’m a piece of crap?” – Bob Saget

“Soon, I’m going to meet somebody around my own age, and she’s going to be smart and beautiful, and I’m going to date her daughter.” – Bob Saget

“I like to approach every day like it’s my first, so this morning when I woke up, I covered my body with red gelatin.” – Bob Saget

“Beautiful clear day in Beverly Hills. The sweet smell of Botox is in the air.”

– Bob Saget

“My humor was kind of from my dad and all the stuff that we went through, which was a lot of death. My humor was an escape.” – Bob Saget

“All I’ve ever done is try to entertain my way through a life that often has a huge amount of heaviness in it.” – Bob Saget  

Summary: Bob Saget Net Worth 2022

  • Bob Saget Net Worth was $50 million at the time of his death.
  • He was born into a Jewish family in Philadelphia but moved around a lot as a child. 
  • He initially wanted to be a doctor, but his English teacher saw potential in him and encouraged him to go to film school. 
  • Arguably his most famous role is as Danny Tanner in Full House. 
  • Bob Saget experienced a lot of loss in his life. Both of his elder sisters died as young adults, one from a brain aneurism and the other from scleroderma. 
  • Bob Saget died in 2022 from injuries presumed to have happened during a fall in his hotel room while he was touring Florida. 
  • He left behind three adult daughters and his second wife, Kelly Rizzo.

What do you think of this Bob Saget net worth article? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth 2022 | What The Financial Author Is Doing In 2022 https://wealthmack.com/robert-kiyosaki-net-worth/ https://wealthmack.com/robert-kiyosaki-net-worth/#respond Thu, 25 Aug 2022 11:00:59 +0000 https://wealthmack.com/?p=1794 Reading Time: 16 minutesRobert Kiyosaki Net Worth: $100 million Born: 8th April 1947...]]> Reading Time: 16 minutes
Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth:$100 million
Born: 8th April 1947 (75 Years Old)
Profession:World Renowned Author, Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur
Married:Kim Kiyosaki In 1994
Residence:Lives In Phoenix, Arizona

In 2022, Financial Author and American Entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth is approximately, $100 million.

How did the son of a school teacher, born in Hawaii acquire such a vast amount of wealth?

His best-selling book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, explains all the secrets to his success and what he learned early on about how the rich get money and what they do differently from everyone else.

What is Rich Dad Poor Dad About? Is There Really a Rich Dad?

Growing up as one of the poorest in his class, wealth had always fascinated the young Kiyosaki.

Like so many youngsters, he wanted to know how the rich got their money.

However, it was of little interest to his academic father, who was more concerned about his own salary and pension that he received from the state rather than starting a business.

Realizing that he was going to have to figure out how to build wealth on his own, he and his friend Mike, whom the young Robert Kiyosaki met in school and who was also desperate to make money, set out to find someone who was rich and see how they did it.

young robert kiyosaki in hawaii
Robert Kiyosaki (baby on the left) grew up in Hilo, Hawaii. Credit: Socialcrawlytics.

A simple yet effective strategy and as it turned out that they didn’t have to look that far.

Mike’s father was a local businessman who was in the early stages of building his business empire.

After testing the boy’s ability to learn about business, Mike’s Dad took the two boys under his wing.

He taught them how the business worked and what the rich did differently to everyone else. He became known as Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad” in the book.

Many have asked if the original story of a young Kiyosaki acquiring all his business knowledge from his friend’s Dad was true or not.

Was it just the author’s attempt to add a compelling storyline to what otherwise would have been a drab personal finance book??

Well, it turns out the story was true as Kiyosaki confirms on his YouTube Channel, where he talks to “Mike” (real name Alan).

Kiyosaki revealed that Alan’s father was Richard Kimi, who was one of the wealthiest businessmen in Hawaii and was the owner of the Sand & Seaside chain of hotels on the American island.

How Did Robert Kiyosaki Make His Money?

The simple answer is by building businesses, investing (predominantly in real estate), and selling financial advice books.

But it isn’t as simple as that.

Like so many entrepreneurs and business owners, it has been a long road of lots of small successes and several failures too (even a few bankruptcies).

In the early days of building his empire, Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth wasn’t anything to write home about.

robert kiyosaki promoting book rich dad poor dad
Robert Kiyosaki promoting Rich Dad Poor Dad. Credit: Instagram

In fact, at one point, Kiyosaki had taken out an eye-watering amount of debt ($750,000) to fund his entrepreneurial endeavors.

But by sticking to the principles he learned from childhood, he started to see his successes multiply and compound into the multi-million dollar enterprises that we see today.

Building His Business Empire

Kiyosaki has only ever had a conventional job for four years of his entire life, and that was during the late 1970s when went to work for office technology giant Xerox.

He did so to acquire the skills necessary to become a salesman as his “Rich Dad” taught him that sales were the key to financial success.

It didn’t take him long to learn the ropes as he quickly became the number one salesman at the Honolulu branch in Hawaii.

After learning what it took to become a top salesman, the budding entrepreneur knew that his future was in business rather than working for a company, even if it was a lucrative position.

At 30, he left the 9 to 5 sales job and founded a business with his brother.

Rippers” was a pioneering company that was one of the first to combine nylon and velcro for a wallet.

Trust me, it was very innovative at the time.

Kiyosaki’s initial foray into the business world was undoubtedly a success, especially at the start, as it turned him into a millionaire before he was 30.

However, Rippers’ demise and ultimate bankruptcy taught the aspiring entrepreneur a huge lesson in trademarks and patents and not letting an overly extravagant lifestyle catch up with you.

money gif

Undeterred from the “setback,” in the mid-80s, Kiyosaki co-founded the Excellerated Learning Institute (ELI) with his future wife, Kim.

The institute was an international education company that specialized in business and investing.

It was the perfect fit for the financial guru to combine his business knowledge together with the marketing and communication skills he had honed at Xerox.

ELI was a huge success, and it not only set Kiyosaki on the path to financial freedom but also allowed him to help others master the principles he had been fortunate to learn from a young age.

Investing (Real Estate)

Whilst Kiyosaki was working the corporate ladder, the shrewd salesman always kept his eye on any potential purchases in the real estate market.

If he saw that there was a bargain to be had, he would invest in the property immediately.

Kiyosaki understood that building assets (especially in real estate at the time) that also provided an income was the sure-fire way to becoming successful over the long term

This is demonstrated in “Rich Dad Poor Dad” business lesson number #1:

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Lesson #1

The Rich Don’t Work For Money

Robert Kiyosaki

Sounds crazy right?

But think about it. Are the wealthy and successful individuals that you see today chained to their desks, working every hour of the day?

Of course, the answer is no.

By generating multiple streams of recurring income via his property investments, Kiyosaki was using his financial intelligence to have his money work for him.

This was and still is one of the key secrets to building wealth.

Whilst others would spend their incomes on buying sports cars and houses they can’t afford and go deeper into debt whilst doing it, the smart entrepreneur was building up the amount of income-producing assets in his name.

If you want to be rich and successful…please take note.

Financial Advice Books

After setting up the (ELI) in 1984 and achieving his goal of becoming financially free within ten years, Kiyosaki soon realized that he had a passion for teaching and helping others become financially independent.

It is ironic that the young Kiyosaki, who didn’t follow his father’s (“Poor Dad”) advice of becoming a teacher as he believed it to be a dead end job, would later on in his life set up his first real successful business in the education sector.

After hosting numerous seminars and lectures, it was always going to be a natural step for the gifted guru to write a book about what he had learned during his time in business.

However, not even Kiyosaki could have imagined the impact his books would go on to have.

His first book, If You Want to Be Rich and Happy, Don’t Go To School, achieved notable success. However, it was the release of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” in 1997 that skyrocketed his sales and reputation.

The reception of the personal finance book was unprecedented as it quickly became the bible for those looking to build wealth and improve their lives.

To date the book has sold over 40 million copies and has been on the New York Times bestsellers list for over six years…an incredible feat.

As his audience and followers grew, Kiyosaki became somewhat of a celebrity which led to an invite to be a guest on the biggest talk show of the 90s, The Oprah Winfrey Show.

That one appearance would change everything.

In just one show, Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth exploded as he became a household name.

His book sales went through the stratosphere overnight as millions flocked to buy the bestselling book on the market.

Clearly, the Hawaiian entrepreneur was tapping into something big. There was a huge market for people looking to escape their 9 to 5 jobs and gain financial freedom.

robert kiyosaki with oprah in 2000
Robert Kiyosaki with Oprah Winfrey in 2000. Credit:Richdad.com

At this point Kiyosaki could have capitalised on his brief stint as a high profile celebrity but it was not in his nature to do so.

But the celebrity lifestyle wasn’t for the humble 53-year-old who always had a passion for continual learning and helping others achieve their financial dreams.

He has continued to write about personal finance to help educate those about what the rich do differently with their money and has written 27 books to date on the subject.

Two of those books were a collaboration with New York businessman and former President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Kiyosaki still claims that he is not one of the best authors around despite having a list of accolades that even J.K Rowling would be proud of.

Since its release, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” has become USA Today’s #1 Money Book for two years in a row, the third longest-running “how-to” book of all time and the longest-running bestseller at the New York Times.

That’s why its “called best seller and not the best author”, according to the financial educator.

And if there’s one thing he knows – it’s how to sell.

Robert Kiyosaki’s Net Worth Explained: The Business Principles Behind His Success

He has traveled the world, hosted thousands of seminars, and written nearly 30 books over the last few decades, but the message has remained consistent.

The principles of building wealth that the financial coach teaches are not complicated.

In fact, once you break them down, they are essentially common sense.

So what has Kiyosaki been doing these last 30 years??? Promoting common sense??

No…it’s much more powerful than that.

Kiyosaki promotes taking action to change your life and getting started rather than waiting for the perfect time to start…because it will never come.

Don’t Be The Average

Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth isn’t something you achieve by being average.

The acclaimed author has consistently argued that if you do all the things that conventional wisdom and society say you should, then you will get the same results as everyone else.

You will have the average life.

A life dominated by huge amounts of debt means you have to be in a job that you stopped enjoying a long time ago.

Over time the number of dependants (the people who depend on your “stable” income) will grow, and it will become too risky for most people to break out of this situation.

To avoid this, you must learn the common sense principles that Kiyosaki describes in his book, which essentially is tobuild assets, not liabilities.

It really is as simple as that.

But very few will actually put into practice this advice.

Build Assets, Not Liabilities

One of the cornerstones of the author’s business philosophy and one of the main reasons for Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth exploding during the late 90s was that he had built assets during the 80s.

Whilst others were working 9 to 5 jobs and building assets for their employer, Kiyosaki was building up his own assets that would produce an income for him over time.

This is the key to financial freedom.

What Assets Do The Rich Buy?

Kiyosaki would always to be looking to increase the amount of income-producing assets to his name.

Whether he was building up his portfolio of real estate investments or if he was building his financial education company with his wife Kim, Kiyosaki was always building up his assets.

The income he received would allow him to cover his costs and expenses in the short term, and anything left over would be reinvested to build more long-term investments.

The eventual capital appreciation Kiyosaki would see in real estate and in his business would inevitably come over the long term.

This was a massive factor in his success.

The continual investment and reinvestment of profits compounded over time to deliver something most could only dream of.

This is what most people who are trapped in their day job couldn’t comprehend.

It was too easy for them to spend their hard-earned cash on short-term frivolities rather than looking at the bigger picture.

What Liabilities Do The Rich Have?

In addition to building his investment portfolio, Kiyosaki would also be minimizing his liabilities.

What does this mean?

Simply put – anything which would result in money leaving your bank account!

Whether it was spending on holidays, cars, or expensive restaurants, the financial guru would rarely spend money on luxuries at the beginning of his business journey, and even when he did, he would make sure the cost was covered by other income streams.

Don’t get me wrong, Kiyosaki was no stranger to debt, and in fact, he would take out huge amounts to fund his business activities.

But the key point here is that it was for business activities and not for funding a lavish lifestyle.

Kiyosaki saw plenty of people around him with flash cars and homes that they couldn’t afford but was able to finance by taking out huge mortgages and credit card debt.

This was a recipe for disaster as the Hawaiian entrepreneur knew these people would be forever paying off their debt and owning nothing.

***Side Note: The financial author always found it funny that people would spend thousands of dollars on something that would provide no income for them but would scoff at the idea at spending a few hundred bucks on a course that could improve their financial literacy and transform their life.

These people may look rich, but as Warren Buffet says, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked”.

Saving Is For Losers

ice cube rapper gif
Credit: Giphy.

Read that title again.

I told you Kiyosaki wasn’t conventional.

We have all been told by our parents and mentors that the most responsible thing you can do with your money is to save it.

For Kiyosaki, this was terrible advice and one which would keep you poor.

Whilst it may have been the case many years ago when interest rates were in double digits, saving your money back in the 90s would see a paltry return on investment.

With near 0% interest rates, this lesson is more pertinent today than ever before.

There are risks and opportunity costs in everything we do in life. Keeping your money in a low-earning, low-risk bank account wouldn’t transform your life.

Building a portfolio of higher-interest investments which would appreciate over time was a much more appealing prospect to Kiyosaki and was the secret behind his wealth building.

Criticism of his work

If you have any experience in the financial industry, you will know that it is never short of opinions.

Trying to improve your financial literacy, whether online or via courses and books can be an absolute minefield at times.

For anything you learn or even agree with, there will always be someone who disagrees completely.

Kiyosaki’s work is no different and has attracted criticism for his unconventional approach to the industry…which also happens to be one of the reasons why he has been so successful.

However, when you personally make money by selling the dream of financial freedom, any one of your customers who fall short of achieving this after spending their hard-earned on the course, may get angry.

Bankruptcy Scandal

This indeed did happen to Kiyosaki in 2012 as he faced a series of lawsuits not only from disgruntled customers but also from Learning Annex, whose learning platform Kiyosaki’s company, Rich Global LLC, had been using for years.

robert kiyosaki twitter

Learning Annex believed they had a right to around $24 million of Kiyosaki’s profits that he had earned via the seminars held in conjunction with Learning Annex.

Rather than a long, drawn-out legal battle, the motivational speak declared bankruptcy.

Whilst the move attracted criticism, it did what he wanted it to – it ended the dispute there and then.

In the meantime, Kiyosaki spun up a new company enabling him to continue managing his business endeavors.

Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth during this time didn’t take a huge hit as he managed to retain the millions of earnings that his brand had generated, but his reputation may have been tarnished for some.

You may consider some decisions taken by the financial advisor unethical but if your goal is to acquire and keep the wealth you earn, he was playing the game very well.

Further Criticism

Real estate author and investor John Reed has also been a harsh critic of Kiyosaki’s flamboyant and unconventional style, as he claims “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is “full of statements that I would expect only from a rather ignorant … novice investor wannabe.”

Wow. Don’t hold back, John, tell us what you really think.

Even a best-selling author gets called an ignorant, novice investor, showing that you will get your critics no matter what when you put your head above the parapet.

Thoughts On The Critics

So what do you do in this situation? Who do you trust?

How about using just your own judgment?

Take some time out to read Kiyosaki’s work and make the decision yourself whether the advice given has merit or that it could be another New York Times bestseller for the shelf.

When I read the book, all the business principles that were being laid out were things that I had always suspected and previously thought, but I wasn’t sure I was on to something until I had it all laid out in print in front of me.

I thought it was dramatic when I first heard that “Rich Dad Poor Dad” was a life-changing book, but I think that it does have the potential to completely change the way you view work, business, and life.

One of the key indicators that Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, and all the other great investors look for in an investment strategy and advisor is longevity.

No matter what your strategy is, if you have been doing it for decades and are still around today executing the same principles, it is a clear indication to them that you must be doing something right…and perhaps it’s time to dig deeper to find out what.

Kiyosaki has been consistently pushing his message for decades now, and whilst some may think he is milking the cash cow, followers of his advice will understand it is because the principles he follows are timeless and, if anything, have more relevance today than ever before.

What Happened to Robert Kiyosaki? Where Is He Now?

In the mid-80s, when Kiyosaki was venturing into the financial education sector, he met his future wife Kim.

They both had aspirations of starting a business, and within two months of dating, they cofounded an education company together.

robert and kim kiyosaki
Robert and Kim Kiyosaki. Credit: Instagram

They married the same year and have been together for nearly 40 years.

Talk about #RelationshipGoals.

The couple officially retired after they sold their financial education company in 1994 and have been based in Phoenix, Arizona, ever since.

They still spend most of their time traveling the world, managing all the business assets they have both built up over the years.

Robert Kiyosaki continues to attend the seminars of fellow financial gurus, something which he has done all his life, as he continues his passion for lifelong learning and personal development.

Kim even released her own bestseller, “Rich Woman,” in 2006, which is seen as the “sister” book to “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” aimed at educating women about financial independence and freedom.

kim kiyosaki personal finance book
Kim’s personal finance book

The couple are both heavily active on social media, where they regularly post interviews and discussions about the Rich Dad Poor Dad method via “The Rich Dad Channel,” which has nearly 2 million subscribers.

Given the size of their audience, the couple has inevitably used their platform to express their political viewpoints and affiliations…something that Robert has never shied away from.

And when your former business partner was the President of the United States, you can guess which side the couple leaned towards.


In 2022, Financial Author and American Entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth is approximately, $100 million.

Kiyosaki’s life changed when he found a business and life mentor in his friend’s father early on in his life.

His mentor taught him the timeless business principles that he felt were a closely guarded secret that the rich kept to themselves.

After building a business empire together with a portfolio of investments, Kiyosaki retired in his late 40s thanks to what he had been taught about how the rich manage their money

He wrote down everything he had learned in his bestselling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, whose message remains the same to this day.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is now nearly 25 years old, and still to this day it remains as popular as ever, as demonstrated by the Kiyosaki couple’s social media empire.

The longevity of the personal finance book is itself an astounding achievement and has been a key reason behind Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth today.

It reinforces the notion that the ideas that Kiyosaki promotes are timeless principles that have the potential to change your life.

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NBAs Richest: A List Of The Highest-Paid NBA Stars https://wealthmack.com/nbas-richest-a-list-of-the-highest-paid-nba-stars/ https://wealthmack.com/nbas-richest-a-list-of-the-highest-paid-nba-stars/#respond Thu, 18 Aug 2022 17:34:07 +0000 https://wealthmack.com/?p=1712 Reading Time: 10 minutesThe NBA Is One Of The Most Lucrative Sports Franchises...]]> Reading Time: 10 minutes

The NBA Is One Of The Most Lucrative Sports Franchises In The World

nba court

Of all the professional sports in the world, NBA players are among the highest earners. Even though the NBA doesn’t generate as much revenue as the NFL and the MLB, its players have great paychecks.

While all players are high earners, some earn much more than others. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the net worth of some of the highest-earning NBA stars ever.

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Mark Wahlberg Net Worth https://wealthmack.com/mark-wahlberg-net-worth/ https://wealthmack.com/mark-wahlberg-net-worth/#respond Wed, 10 Aug 2022 20:12:12 +0000 https://wealthmack.com/?p=1443 Reading Time: 6 minutesMark Wahlberg Net Worth: $400 million Nationality: American Born: June...]]> Reading Time: 6 minutes
Mark Wahlberg Net Worth:$400 million
Nationality: American
Born:June 5th, 1971 (51 Years Old)
Profession:Actor, Singer

Mark Wahlberg is a Hollywood actor and producer who starred in some of the biggest movies. As well to his acting career, Wahlberg has successful business ventures, which have contributed to his impressive net worth. Here we take a closer look at Mark Wahlberg’s net worth and how he made his fortune.

Early Life And Beginnings In Music

Mark Wahlberg was born in Dorchester, Boston, on June 5, 1971. Ken is the smallest of nine children, with eight older siblings. The son of Edward Wahlberg, Paul is of Irish, English, Scottish, French-Canadian, and Welsh descent. Alma Elaine (His mother ) was a nurse’s aide and bank clerk, while Donald Edward Wahlberg (his Father) was a Teamster who delivered milk. His father was of Swedish and Irish heritage, while his mother has Irish, English, Scottish, French-Canadian, and Welsh roots. Maternally, he is distantly related to author Nathaniel Hawthorne.

As a teenager, Wahlberg began dealing drugs; he was arrested for attempted murder in April 1988, at the age of 16, for beating up a Vietnamese man he had robbed. He was sentenced to 2 years in prison, but he only served 45 days because he was incarcerated with adults and placed in protective custody as a result of the conflict.

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Wahlberg has said that he was addicted to cocaine and other drugs during his teenage years and that his addiction continued into his early twenties. At the age of 13, he was inspired by his older brother Donnie to turn his life around and pursue a career in music. MC Hammer, who was named after his father’s nickname “Hammer,” began his recording career at the age of 15 as a solo artist with Music for the People (1991) and You Gotta Believe (1992), both of which were released by Epic Records. The group’s first single, “Good Vibrations”, became a top-ten hit in 1991.

Wahlberg’s acting career began in 1993 when he starred in the television film The Substitute. He first appeared in Renaissance Man (1994) before gaining wider notice for his parts in Fear (1996), Boogie Nights (1997), and Three Kings (1999). Wahlberg’s prominence increased with the release of the action-comedy The Other Guys (2010), in which he co-starred in with Will Ferrell, and the action-thriller Contraband (2012). In 2013, he starred in two Martin Scorsese-directed films: the crime drama Pain & Gain and the biographical film The Wolf of Wall Street.

Marky Mark

Mark Wahlberg is an American actor, producer, rapper, and songwriter. He is also a former model and Calvin Klein underwear spokesperson. As an actor, he is best known for his roles in films such as “Boogie Nights,” “The Perfect Storm,” “The Italian Job,” “I Heart Huckabees,” “The Departed,” “The Fighter,” and “Ted.” He has also appeared in television shows such as “Entourage” and “Boardwalk Empire.”

He’s worked with other celebrities as a rapper. The first CD was entitled Music for the People, and it was a commercial success.

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Calvin Klein Modeling Days

Mark Wahlberg’s first major foray into the public eye came as a model for Calvin Klein in the early 1990s. He became known for his rippling abs and bad boy image, which served him well when he made the transition to acting.

Acting Career

Mark Wahlberg started his career in acting and modeling, appearing in several music videos in the early 1990s. He made his film debut with a small role in the 1994 film Renaissance Man, and his first major role came in the 1996 film Fear.

Mark Wahlberg Net Worth

Since then, he’s been in several movies, including The Perfect Storm, The Italian Job, I Heart Huckabees, Invincible, Shooter We Own the Night, The Happening Max Payne Ted, and many more. He also served as an executive producer for the HBO series Entourage and Boardwalk Empire.

In 2014, Wahlberg was named one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, earning an estimated $52 million.


Mark Wahlberg has starred in several movies and television shows throughout his career, but he is also well-known for his endorsement deals. He has worked with several brands, including AT&T, Calvin Klein, Reebok, and more. In total, Mark Wahlberg’s endorsements are estimated to be worth $20 million.


Mark Wahlberg is an American actor, producer, businessman, former model, and former rapper. He is the co-founder of the Wahl burgers chain of restaurants with his brothers Paul and Donnie. As of 2020, Mark Wahlberg’s net worth is estimated to be 400 million dollars.

Donnie Wahlberg, actor, and comedian was born in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood. Donnie is the fifth of nine siblings, including actor and comedian Donnie Wahlberg. Wahlberg, who was the oldest of five children, was born and raised in Dorchester, Boston. Alma Elaine’s mother, worked as a bank clerk and nurse’s assistant, while his father, Donald Edward Wahlberg, drove a delivery truck. His parents divorced in 1982. He has eight siblings: Arthur, Jim, Paul, Robert, Tracey, Michelle, Debbie, and Donna.

Wahlberg’s acting career began with his starring role in the 1987 film The Untouchables. He has since appeared in numerous films and television series.

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Other Investments

In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Mark Wahlberg is also a very successful businessman. He has invested in several businesses, including a water bottle company, a vitamins company, and a real estate development firm. He is also a minority owner of the Boston Celtics basketball team.

Wahlberg’s business ventures have been extremely successful, and they have helped him to amass a large fortune. In total, Mark Wahlberg’s net worth is estimated to be $400 million.

F45 Fitness Net Worth

Fitness with a Twist is a worldwide fitness community that specializes in innovative, high-intensity group workouts that are quick, result-oriented, and enjoyable. With over 1,500 locations in 45 countries, F45 is the world’s fastest-growing functional training network.

The brainchild of Australian entrepreneurs Adam Gilchrist and Rob Deutsch, F45 was born in 2013 out of a shared passion for health and fitness. Inspired by the challenges and camaraderie of team sports, they set out to create a workout that would deliver all the benefits of traditional group training, without any drawbacks.

Mark Wahlberg Net Worth

Personal Life

Mark Wahlberg was born in 1971 in Boston, Massachusetts. He is of Swedish and Irish descent. Wahlberg has three sisters and a brother. Wahlberg is of Irish, French-Canadian, and English descent. His parents were Donald E. Wahlberg, a delivery man, and Alma (His Mother), who was a bank employee and nurse’s aide. He was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and his parents were both from Sweden. His mother was of Irish, English, and French-Canadian ancestry, while his father was Swedish. My maternal grandfather, Arthur Edward “Sandy” Donnelly (1915-2008), was an American businessman who founded Coddington Underwear Company.

Wahlberg struggled with drugs as a teenager, eventually entering a 12-step rehabilitation program. He has said he is thankful that he did not go further down that path, saying “I’d be dead now” if he had not made that decision.

Wahlberg married model Rhea Durham in 2009; the couple has four children.

Real Estate Portfolio

Mark Wahlberg has an impressive real estate portfolio that includes multiple homes in Massachusetts, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and New York City. He also owns several investment properties across the United States.

In 2006, he paid $8 million for a 16,000-square-foot mansion in Beverly Hills. The property includes a home theater, wine cellar, outdoor pool, and 12-car garage.

In 2010, he paid $5 million for a 5,000-square-foot penthouse in New York City. The apartment has sweeping views of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline.

Wahlberg also owns several investment properties, including a 40-unit apartment building in Dorchester, Massachusetts. He has plans to redevelop the property into a mixed-use development that will include retail space and luxury apartments.

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Mike Tyson Net Worth https://wealthmack.com/mike-tyson-net-worth/ https://wealthmack.com/mike-tyson-net-worth/#respond Wed, 10 Aug 2022 20:11:20 +0000 https://wealthmack.com/?p=1445 Reading Time: 6 minutesMike Tyson Net Worth: $10 million Nationality: American Born: June...]]> Reading Time: 6 minutes
Mike Tyson Net Worth:$10 million
Nationality: American
Born:June 30th, 1966 (56 Years Old)

As one of the most iconic and successful boxers in history, it’s no surprise that Mike Tyson has a hefty net worth. With a career spanning more than 25 years, Tyson has earned millions in salary and endorsement deals. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how Mike Tyson made his money and what his net worth is today. So read on to find out more about the “Baddest Man on the Planet!”

Early Life Of Mike Tyson

On July 30, 1966, in Brooklyn, New York, Tyson was born. Tyson’s father, Jimmy Kirkpatrick, left his family when he was two years old. His mother, Lorna Mae Tyson, raised him and his two siblings in Brownsville, Brooklyn. As a child, Tyson was often bullied and got into a lot of fights.

In order to keep him out of trouble, Tyson’s mother enrolled him in the Catskill Boxing Club when he was just 12 years old. It was there that he met trainer Cus D’Amato. Under D’Amato’s tutelage, Tyson quickly developed into a top amateur boxer. He won the Junior Olympic Boxing Championship in 1981 and 1982.

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Early Boxing Career Of Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson’s professional boxing career started when he was just 18 years old. In March 1985, he made his debut against Hector Mercedes and won the fight by knockout in the first round. This set the tone for Tyson’s future boxing career as he went on to win his next 27 fights, 26 of which were by knockout.

In 1986, Tyson became the youngest heavyweight boxing champion in history when he defeated Trevor Berbick to win the World Boxing Council (WBC) title. He then went on to unify the heavyweight titles by defeating James Smith and Pinklon Thomas to claim the World Boxing Association (WBA) and International Boxing Federation (IBF) titles respectively.

Breakthrough Of Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson’s first professional bout was against Hector Mercedes on March 6, 1985. He won the fight by knockout in the first round. In November of that year, he had his first world title match against Trevor Berbick for the World Boxing Council heavyweight championship, which he also won by knockout in the second round. This made him, at 20 years old, the youngest heavyweight champion in history. He defended his title nine times between 1986 and 1990, winning all but one of his fights by knockout.

In 1988, Tyson married actress Robin Givens but the couple divorced after just one year. During this time, Tyson’s behavior became increasingly erratic and he was arrested several times for assault.

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In February of 1992, Tyson was convicted of rape and sentenced to six years in prison. He was released on parole in March of 1995 and resumed his boxing career. In 1996, he regained the WBA heavyweight title with a knockout win over Frank Bruno.

In 1997, Tyson infamously bit the ear of opponent Evander Holyfield during a fight, resulting in his being disqualified. He was fined $3 million and suspended from boxing for 15 months.

In 1999, Tyson fought again for the heavyweight title but was defeated by Lennox Lewis. He retired from boxing in 2005 but made a comeback in 2006, winning two fights before losing to Kevin McBride in 2005. He retired for good after that loss.

As of 2022, Mike Tyson’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

Mike Tyson Net Worth

Boxing Style Of Mike Tyson

Tyson’s boxing style was unique in that he possessed exceptional hand speed, power, accuracy, timing, and athleticism for a heavyweight. His style was often described as an “aggressive counter-puncher”. As such, Tyson would usually wait for opponents to make a mistake before capitalizing with precise combinations, delivered at blistering speed. He would stand close to his opponents, often backing them against the ropes, and unleash a series of punches with combinations usually starting with a left uppercut followed by a right cross.

Many boxing analysts consider Tyson’s destructive power to have derived from his combination of speed, timing, accuracy, footwork, and inside fighting. Tyson’s style of boxing was often compared to that of another former heavyweight champion, Rocky Marciano.

During his reign as the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion, Tyson popularized the phrase “peek-a-boo” to describe his defensive style. In an era where many fighters (such as James “Buster” Douglas) used excessive head movement and running to avoid punches, Tyson’s style was considered more vintage.

Tyson often employed the bob-and-weave, which he learned from Cus D’Amato. This defense technique was very effective for him because of his great hand speed and reflexes. Although this style is often criticized for making fighters more susceptible to body shots, Tyson was able to avoid most of them because of his great abdominal muscles and reflexes.

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Career Earnings Of Mike Tyson

As one of the most popular and well-known boxers in history, it’s no surprise that Mike Tyson has earned a large amount of money from his fights. In fact, Forbes estimates that Tyson has made around $685 million dollars from his boxing career alone.

This doesn’t include any of Tyson’s other earnings, such as from endorsement deals, public appearances, or his acting roles. For example, Tyson has appeared in several movies and TV shows, including The Hangover and Entourage. He also has a successful podcast called Hotboxin with Mike Tyson.

All of these different sources of income have helped to make Mike Tyson one of the richest athletes in the world. As of 2020, Celebrity Net Worth estimates his total net worth to be $10 million dollars.

While this is an impressive amount of money, it’s actually a far cry from what Tyson was once worth. At the height of his career, Tyson was estimated to be worth as much as $400 million dollars. So what happened to cause such a drastic decrease in his net worth?

The main reason for Tyson’s decrease in net worth is due to his poor financial decisions. For example, Tyson has been known to spend large sums of money on expensive cars, jewelry, and houses. He also has a history of gambling and declared bankruptcy in 2003.

Mike Tyson Net Worth

Personal Life Of Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson was born on June 30, 1966, in Brooklyn, New York. His mother, Lorna Mae (née Smith), named him after Mike Tyson, the then world heavyweight boxing champion. His father, Jimmy Kirkpatrick, was a small-time street hustler who abandoned his family when Tyson was two years old. Tyson’s biological father died in 1992.

Tyson was raised by his mother and her second husband, Purcell Tyson, whom she married when Tyson was two years old. His stepfather had a profound impact on Tyson, who would later say: “My stepfather is my father … I used to call him dad.” Purcell Tyson was convicted of armed robbery and served time in prison.

Tyson’s mother died six years after his birth when he was just sixteen. Tyson has said that his difficult childhood shaped him into the “angry” person he is today.

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Most Expensive Suv https://wealthmack.com/most-expensive-suv/ https://wealthmack.com/most-expensive-suv/#respond Wed, 10 Aug 2022 20:10:40 +0000 https://wealthmack.com/?p=1483 Reading Time: 6 minutesAre you in the market for a new car? If...]]> Reading Time: 6 minutes

Are you in the market for a new car? If so, have you considered an SUV? SUVs are becoming more and more popular, and there are a variety of different models to choose from. One of the most expensive SUVs on the market today is the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Let’s take a closer look at this luxury vehicle and find out why it costs so much.

1. Range Rover

Range Rover is one of the most expensive SUV vehicles in the world. It has a starting price tag of around $88,000 and can go all the way up to $200,000 for the more luxurious versions. The Range Rover is known for its excellent off-road capabilities, as well as its sophisticated and luxurious interior.

2. Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

The second most expensive SUV on our list is the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG. This vehicle starts at $147,500. The G63 AMG is a high-performance SUV that is powered by a twin-turbocharged V8 engine. This SUV has an impressive 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds.

The G63 AMGisalsoo equippeddwithhAnnannalwheeldrivee system and has a top speed of 155 mph.

This SUV also comes with a variety of luxury features such as heated front seats, a premium sound system, and navigation.

If you are looking for a high-performance SUV that comes packed with luxury features, then the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is a great option for you. This vehicle has a starting price of $147,500.

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3. Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

The Porsche Cayenne Turbo S is the most expensive SUV on our list. It has a starting price of $159,600. This German SUV can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 4.4 seconds and has a top speed of 176 mph. It is powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.8-liter V8 engine that produces 550 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque. The Porsche Cayenne Turbo S comes standard with all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission. It has a fuel economy of 16 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway.

The Porsche Cayenne Turbo S is a luxurious SUV that offers a lot of features for its high price tag. It comes standard with heated and ventilated front seats, a panoramic sunroof, a 14-speaker Bose audio system, navigation, and much more. The Cayenne Turbo S has a variety of optional features that include massaging front seats, rear seat entertainment, and a 21-speaker Burmester audio system.

If you are looking for an SUV that is luxurious and has a high starting price, then the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S is a great option for you. It offers a lot of features and performance that justify its high cost.

4. Bentley Bentayga

Bentley Bentayga is one of the most expensive SUVs on the market today. It is priced at around $230,000. This SUV comes with a 6.0-liter W12 engine that produces 600 horsepower. It has a top speed of 187 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.0 seconds. Bentley Bentayga comes with a variety of luxury features such as massaging seats, a heated steering wheel, and a 21-speaker audio system.

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5. Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini Urus is another expensive SUV that is priced at around $200,000. It comes with a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine that produces 650 horsepower. Lamborghini Urus has a top speed of 190 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds. This SUV comes with a variety of luxury features such as heated seats, massaging seats, and a 21-speaker audio system.

6. Rolls-Royce Cullinan

The Cullinan is the most expensive SUV in the world with a price tag of $325,000. It is also one of the most luxurious and exclusive SUVs on the market. The Cullinan is hand-built by Rolls-Royce and features a 6.75-liter V12 engine that produces 563 horsepower. It has a top speed of 155 mph and can go from 0-60 mph in 5.2 seconds. The Cullinan is also one of the most stylish SUVs on the market with its elegant exterior and luxurious interior.

It is also one of the most comfortable SUVs to drive thanks to its air suspension system. The Cullinan is the perfect SUV for those who want the best of both worlds – luxury and performance.

Most Expensive Suv

How Do Their Features And Prices Compare To One Another?

Generally speaking, the most expensive SUVs on the market are also the most feature-rich. They offer more luxurious appointments and higher levels of performance than their less expensive counterparts. When it comes to price, the most expensive SUVs can easily cost twice as much as a mainstream model.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. Some luxury SUVs are priced quite reasonably, while others are downright expensive. It all depends on what you’re looking for in an SUV.

If you’re simply looking for the most expensive SUV possible, there are a few ways to go about it. One option is to buy a used SUV from a high-end automaker. You can often find these vehicles for sale at a fraction of their original price.

Another option is to buy a new SUV from an ultra-luxury automaker. These vehicles are often priced quite high, but they offer an unmatched level of luxury and performance.

Finally, you could also consider leasing an SUV. This option usually requires a higher monthly payment, but it can be a great way to get behind the wheel of an expensive SUV without having to pay the full purchase price upfront.

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Whichever route you choose, be sure to do your research before making a purchase. With so many options on the market, it’s important to find an SUV that fits both your needs and your budget.

What Would Be The Best Investment For Your Family’s Needs?

There is no definite answer when it comes to the most expensive SUV because it all depends on your family’s needs as well as your budget. However, if you are looking for an SUV that is packed with features and can provide luxurious comfort, then the Lexus LX 570 would be a good choice.

This SUV comes with a V8 engine that is capable of churning out 383 horsepower. It also has a spacious interior that can accommodate up to eight passengers. In addition, the Lexus LX 570 comes with standard features such as leather seats, an infotainment system, and a sunroof.

Most Expensive Suv

If you want an SUV that is more affordable but still has plenty of features, then the BMW X5 would be a good option. This SUV has a turbocharged six-cylinder engine that produces 300 horsepower. It also comes with standard features such as leather seats, an infotainment system, and a sunroof.

When it comes to choosing the most expensive SUV, it is important to consider your family’s needs as well as your budget. If you want an SUV that is packed with features and can provide luxurious comfort, then the Lexus LX 570 would be a good choice. However, if you are looking for an SUV that is more affordable but still has plenty of features, then the BMW X5 would be a better option.

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