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Graham Stephan Net Worth

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Graham Stephan Net Worth: $6.5 Million
Born: 21st April May 1990 (31 Years Old)
Profession: YouTuber And Real Estate Agent

Famous YouTuber and Real Estate investor Graham Stephan net worth is approximately $6.5 million.

He is best known for his YouTube videos on saving money, attaining financial independence, real estate investing, and investing in general.

He has received wide recognition from Forbes as well as other new outlets for his work.

Despite the substantial amount of wealth he has accumulated at such a young age, the business guru is far from ready to retire; he is currently a realtor for The Oppenheim Group.

Graham Stephan’s Early Life

Graham was born in Santa Monica, California.

He says his parents lived ‘from paycheck to paycheck’ and eventually had to declare themselves bankrupt.

His father was a writer, story artist, and animator for Disney.

graham stephan with is mother
Graham Stephan with his mother. Credit: Instagram

However, learning from the hardship that his family endured from not being financially secure, Graham decided to pursue different interests altogether.

Childhood and Education

Graham struggled with school. He found a lot of things to be pointless and due to this attitude, his academic performance wasn’t great.

But even from an early age he had an entrepreneurial spirit.

graham stephan selling lemonade as a kid
Young entrepreneur Graham Stephan’s lemonade stand. Credit: Instagram

As a teen, Stephan began to explore his interest in becoming an entrepreneur. He worked at an aquarium store where he helped manage the inventory of all of the fish that were brought into the store.

It was during this time that Stephan learned camera skills as he took photographs of the fish and used Photoshop to upload them onto the aquarium store’s website.

These vital skills would prove to be beneficial for Graham Steven as he moved into the real estate business.

Graham Stephan Net Worth Explained – How It Started

Before making a career in real estate, Graham Stephan had a wide variety of jobs including being a drummer, data entry clerk, and wholesaler for marine aquariums as mentioned above.

At the age of 18 and shortly after Stephan graduated from high school, he earned his real estate license.

Disillusioned with the world of academia it was at this point the teenage salesman decided college wasn’t for him and this was the path he chose instead.

He joined The Oppenheim Group at the tender age of 18 and was one of their first real estate agents. The group sold high end properties to celebrities and high net worth clients in California.

Although it is a highly competitive industry (it took him a year to make his first sale) Stephan would use any of the commissions he would make from sales to reinvest in the rental market.

At the start is was just $500 a week but as his reputation improved he started to earn more as a realtor in his company.

However, he supplemented his short term income with his high-quality photos that he would also take for other realtors for a commission.

Selling high end mansions is a lucrative business. Credit:Vita Vilcina

In the end, Stephan’s long term strategy paid off; he became incredibly successful. His earnings from his real estate career meant he was a millionaire within eight years and earning approximately $500,000 in commissions from the real estate company he joined as a teenager.

As a successful realtor, Graham Stephan has had many important clients. These include Chloe Grace Moretz and Orlando Bloom.

Expanding His Income Streams and Becoming YouTube Famous

As successful as he was, Stephan’s main source of his wealth today comes from his YouTube channel. He began this channel in 2016 simply because he enjoyed watching YouTube himself.

His first video was filmed on his iPhone.

In it, he explained how to become a real estate agent.

However, he didn’t think anyone would want to watch it because he didn’t believe he had the right personality to be a YouTube star.

However, after about ten people had watched his video, he got excited and was motivated to make more content.

As soon as he began to upload two videos a week, he saw his audience grow and grow.

An early Graham Stephan Video shot on his phone. Credit:YouTube

One of his first videos that became popular was an interview show where CNBC’s Millennial Money profiled him and explained how he amassed his fortune.

Over the years, his financial tips have accrued him a huge online following.

As of January 2023, he has 4.18 million YouTube subscribers.

The majority of his followers are millennials hoping to make a break and improve their finances.

One of Graham Stephan’s videos showed him explaining how he managed to live rent-free in Los Angeles because he bought a duplex and then rented out one half.

He has also been featured on the TV shows Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and Selling Sunset.

graham stephan on selling sunset tv show
Graham Stephan on Selling Sunset. Credit: ScreenRant

Teaching About Real Estate

Since Graham Stephan is so successful, he has gone on to teach people all about real estate. He has spoken across both Canada and the United States to teach upcoming investors how to buy real estate.

As well as touring as a speaker, he has made an online course to help people get into purchasing real estate. His course is called The Real Estate Agent Academy.

Stephan’s Other Income Streams

As well as his main channel on YouTube, Graham Stephan has three other YouTube channels on which he explores different topics.

The purpose of these channels is to allow him to explore things that interest him without him having to worry about how the reception of the videos will affect his YouTube ranking.

Of the three other channels, the second most popular is one entitled The Graham Stephan Show.

On this channel, he still talks about finance, business, and money but he takes a freer approach and doesn’t concern himself over YouTube’s algorithm.

He also likes to post things like reaction videos and off-topic content on The Graham Stephan Show.

Podcasting: Graham Stephan’s Iced Coffee Hour

The Iced Coffee Hour is Graham Stephan’s podcast that he co-hosts with producer Jack Selby.

The real estate entrepreneur has leveraged his audience from his other channels to this podcast that was launched in 2020.

The podcast has around 180k subscribers already and features topics for entertainment that still have a financial spin on them.

For example, he will confront YouTubers about how they spend their money.

He once confronted a YouTuber who made successful reef aquarium content videos on why he spent $1.8 million on a single koi fish.

Graham Stephan’s Fourth YouTube Channel – The Stefamily Channel

While primarily for entertainment purposes, the Stefamily channel does incorporate a money spin on the activities shown in the videos.

Stephan is notoriously frugal and refuses to spend money in Starbucks, for example.

However, on the Stefamily channel, he will post videos of him shopping in expensive stores or eating only in Starbucks for a whole week.

Graham Stephan in front of a luxury car. Credit: Instagram

To his fans that know him, this makes for entertaining watching.

Family Life and Personal Life

It’s no secret that Graham Stephan loves cars. In 2006, after he made his first commission on real estate, he bought a Lotus Elise.
It was his dream car – and it was bright orange!

Graham Stephan’s first luxury car. Credit: Instagram

In terms of his personal life and family, he is currently dating Savannah Smiles who is also a Las Vegas YouTuber.

In a similar way, Savannah’s content contains financial advice as well as reaction videos.

One of her most popular videos is her explaining how she was able to save $100k before she was 22 (her current age).

Until one year ago, Graham had lived in California all of his life.

However, in a similar fashion to Joe Rogan he has since moved to Las Vegas citing high taxes as a reason.

He was frustrated because he didn’t understand how his taxes were being spent or where they were going.

Graham Stephan’s Financial Philosophy

Despite being a multimillionaire, Graham Stephan is frugal.

He isn’t frivolous and doesn’t believe in wasting money.

His philosophy is to save as much as you can to achieve your financial goals.

As the title of his podcast demonstrates, he is famous for making homemade iced coffee for $0.20 as he doesn’t believe anyone should be spending $5 on iced coffee from the likes of Starbucks each day.

Graham’s philosophy with regard to money originates from his parents having to file for bankruptcy.

It was this moment that made him see how important it was to save money for rent, gas, food, and other essentials.

However, Graham Stephan does enjoy life; he has a nice house and owns luxurious cards. Yet, he still tries to be clever with his money while enjoying his life.

Graham Stephan Net Worth Quotes

“Don’t buy things you can’t afford with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t like.”

“I love the challenge of saving and trying to handle my money well and grow it.”

“I’ve always enjoyed the aspect of not spending money, even as a kid.”

I end up saving about 99% of my income, just because my income is so high and I keep my expenses so low


“For me, YouTube was always the go-to place for entertainment and education. I wouldn’t watch TV, I wouldn’t watch movies, but I would find myself spending hours watching YouTube videos absorbing as much information I could and using it as a tool for learning.”

“I just don’t see the point in spending $700 on Gucci shoes when you could go to Aldo or Call It Spring or H&M and get very similar shoes for one, one-hundredth of the price” – Graham Stephan

“No one is more frugal than me” – Graham Stephan

Summary Graham Stephan Net Worth

  • Graham Stephan Net Worth is $6.5 million.
  • He grew up in Santa Monica, California and lived in California until last year.
  • When he was younger, he worked in an aquarium store, and he would take photos of stock and Photoshop them for the store’s website.
  • After he graduated high school, Stephan decided not to go to college and instead became a realtor.
  • He was initially earning less than his peers as he began tapping into a niche market. During this time, he also made money by taking photos of properties for other realtors using the skills he developed when working in the aquarium store.
  • Graham Stephan spent his downtime watching YouTube. He decided to make a video on his iPhone about becoming a realtor but didn’t expect it to do very well.
  • He continued making videos and started building up an online presence.
  • Nowadays, Graham Stephan’s main source of income is his YouTube channel.
  • Despite being a multimillionaire, Stephan remains frugal and doesn’t believe in spending money unnecessarily.
  • He is currently dating a lifestyle YouTuber, Savannah Smiles.

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