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John Travolta Net Worth (Updated 2023)

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John Travolta Net Worth:$250 million 
Born: 18th February 1954 (68 Years Old)
Profession: Actor, singer, dancer and producer      
Children: 3

American actor John Travolta has an estimated net worth of $250 million. He is most famous for his appearances in Grease and Pulp Fiction.

Early Life 

John Joseph Travolta was born on 18th February 1954 to Salvatore “Sam” Travolta and Helen Cecilia née Burke. He was the couple’s sixth and youngest child. 

Salvatore played American football semiprofessionally and was also a tire salesman, while Helen was a singer and actress. She appeared in The Sunshine Sisters which was a vocal group for the radio. She later became an English and drama teacher at high school. 

john travolta with mom and dad
John with his Dad and Mom. Credit: Instagram.

John’s father was of Sicilian heritage, while his mother was of Irish heritage.

He was born and raised in an inner-ring suburb of New York City called Englewood. 

John’s siblings Joey, Ann, Ellen, Sam, and Margaret became actors also. 

He attended a public school called Dwight Morrow High School but dropped out in 1971, aged 17. 

Early Career

When he dropped out of high school, John Travolta moved to the other side of the Hudson River to NYC and took on a role in Grease – the touring company.  

He also landed a role in Over Here! on Broadway. He sang “Dream Drummin’” a Sherman Brother’s song.

After this, he moved to Los Angeles. His first role in California was in Season 2, Episode 2 of Emergency! where he played the role of a fall victim. 

Travolta’s first role in a movie was in the 1976 film Carrie where he played a bully called Billy Nolan. Around the same time, Travolta landed the role of Vinnie Barbarino in the sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter for ABC. This was to be his star-making role.

john travolta in carrie
Travolta in Carrie. Credit: Carrie Wiki

Travolta’s Big Break 

In July 1976, John Travolta had a top-10 single called “Let her in”. 

The next few years saw him appear in The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, a TV movie as well as two of his most significant movie roles.

In 1977, he was in Saturday Night Fever as Tony Manero and in 1978, he played Danny Zuko in Grease.

These two films were some of the most successful movies of the 70s and meant Travolta was catapulted into international stardom. 

john travolta in saturday night fever opening scene
Travolta became a household name after his star role in Saturday Night Fever. Credit: annotatedgilmoregirls

At the end of the decade, he starred in the somewhat unsuccessful Moment by moment

Career Low During The 1980s

After the failure of Moment by Moment, Travolta came back with Urban Cowboy in 1980. 

He then appeared in Blow Out, but this was a disappointment at the box office despite being critically lauded. 

The 1980s effectively saw Travolta’s acting career sidelined after several failures. These included Two of a Kind, and Perfect

Travolta’s most successful role of the decade was Staying Alive, which despite being put down by critics, was a commercial success. 

Travolta did turn down numerous roles, including in American Gigalo, An Officer and a Gentleman and Splash.

The 1990s Resurgence

 In 1989, Travolta had a starring role in the film Look Who’s Talking with Kirstie Alley. He also starred in the sequels Look Who’s Talking Too and Look Who’s Talking Now.

In 1994, Travolta’s career was revived completely after playing Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino. Once again, he was considered an A-list celebrity.

john travolta with quentin tarantino
Travolta with Quentin Tarantino. Credit: cheatsheet.com.

In the rest of the 1990s, he played roles in White Man’s Burden, Michael, Phenomenon, Broken Arrow, Face/Off, A Civil Action, Primary Colors, and The Gentleman’s Daughter in 1999 to finish the decade.  

2000s to Present 

At the beginning of the new millennium, Travolta starred in Battlefield Earth, which he also co-produced. This was Travolta’s dream role, but it did poorly at the box office and had terrible reviews. 

For the rest of this decade, Travolta continued acting. He starred in Swordfish, Ladder 49, Be Cool, Lonely Hearts, Wild Hogs, Bolt (voice acting), The Taking of Pelham 123, and Old Dogs.

Since 1020, John Travolta has mostly starred in thrillers and action movies. In 2016, however, he starred in American Crime Story and played Robert Shapiro.

Personal Life  

Travolta’s first known relationship was with Diana Hyland, an actress he met while filming The Boy in the Plastic Bubble in 1976. They were together until Hyland died in 1977 from breast cancer. 

After a few years out of the dating scene, Travolta dated Catherine Deneuve, the French actress. He also had a relationship with Marilu Henner.

In 1988, John Travolta met Kelly Preston while filming The Experts. The couple married in 1991 in Paris.  They had three children: Jett in 1992, Ella Bleu in 2000, and Benjamin in 2010. The family lived in Ocala in, Florida.

john travolta with his wife kelly preston
Travolta with his wife Kelly Preston, whom he met in 1988. Credit: Instagram.

Sad Experiences

Unfortunately, the successful actor has experienced many losses in his life. His first long-term girlfriend died of breast cancer in 1977, then a year later, his mother also died of cancer.

The most tragic of all, though, happened in 2009, when Travolta’s eldest son Jett, who was autistic, died from a seizure while in the Bahamas on a Christmas vacation. 

It was following his son’s death that Travolta set up the Jett Travolta Foundation, a non-profit that helps children with additional needs. 

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be the end of Travolta’s woes. In 2020, nine years after the death of his son, Travolta’s wife died aged 57. She had been suffering from breast cancer for two years. 

Travolta and Scientology

Travolta joined the Church of Scientology in 1975. He credits the controversial religion for helping him cope with the death of his wife.

After the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, Travolta joined many other celebrities in relief efforts. He flew a plane of supplies and doctors over to Haiti accompanied by Scientologist volunteer Ministers. 


Travolta owns four aircraft and is a private pilot. In his Ocala Florida home, he is situated at Jumbolair Airport and has his own taxiway and runway right to his house. He also has two air hangers. 

Famously, in 2010, Travolta piloted an eight-day, all-expenses paid, Australia trip with Oprah Winfrey’s talk show.

john travolta as pilot for his aircraft
Travolta is an experienced pilot. Credit: airly.com

Travolta’s love of aviation has also compelled him to write Propeller On-Way Night Coach, which tells the story of a boy’s first flight.

Travolta can fly 707s, 747s, and 737s.

John Travolta Awards and Nominations

Travolta has been nominated for numerous accolades in his career. E has also won many awards. Here are some of the awards Travolta has won:

  • Golden Globe for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for Get Shorty in 1996.
  • Primetime Emmy Award for The People V. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story in 2016.
  • Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Phenomenon in 1997.
  • Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Face/Off in 1998.
  • David di Donatello Award for Best Foreign Actor in Pulp Fiction in 1995.
  • MTV Movie Awards for Best Dance Sequence in Pulp Fiction in 1995.
  • MTV Movie Awards for Best on-screen Duo for Face/Off in 1998.

Famous John Travolta Quotes

“I believe L. Ron Hubbard resolved the human mind, and in resolving it he has also resolved human pain – that’s what I really think has happened here.” – John Travolta

“I probably have some sort of chocolate five times a week. There’s definitely a change it does to the chemistry of the body. It’s my favorite feeling. I live for it.” – John Travolta

“As you get older, you have to force yourself to have new dreams.” – John Travolta

“It’s easier to be responsible for the decisions that you’ve made yourself than for the ones that other people have made for you.”

– John Travolta

“I don’t think I’m very cool as a person. I’m just better than anyone else at acting cool.” – John Travolta

“Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jewish men who expect favors in return for sexual activity.” – John Travolta

“Money and power come as a byproduct of things well done.”

– John Travolta

“Never say anything unless you have to.” – John Travolta

Inspirational Speech by John Travolta. Credit: Goalcast.

Summary: John Travolta Net Worth

  • John Travolta Net Worth is $250 million.
  • He was born in a New York suburb and was the youngest of six siblings. 
  • Travolta’s siblings also all went into acting.
  • His father was of Sicilian heritage and his mother, Irish.
  • He left high school aged 17.
  • Travolta has lost many people in his life: his first partner, his mother, his wife (all three had cancer), and his son, who died of a seizure.
  • Travolta has been a very successful actor. His most famous roles are in Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Face/Off, and Pulp Fiction. He’s also a singer and producer.
  • In the 1980s, his career went downhill somewhat, but by 1990, and Pulp Fiction, he was back an A-list celeb once again.
  • Travolta is a private pilot and once flew the audience of Oprah Winfrey’s show to Australia. 
  • After Travolta’s wife died, he put his life on hold to concentrate on his young family.  

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