KFC Says That It Would Be Irresponsible To Continue Their Brand Messaging During These Times

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You heard it right, KFC, have told their customers that they will no longer be advising them to lick their fingers. They have taken the historic step or removing their famous slogan, in response to the coronavirus global pandemic.

The company have announced the measure on their social media platforms by pixelating out the “finger lickin” out of the tag line, “it’s finger lickin’ good”.

KFC Remove Finger Lickin Good. Credit: Instagram

In a statement released by the company, they stated that “We find ourselves in a unique situation – having an iconic slogan that doesn’t quite fit in the current environment…Please ignore it…for now”.

Before we start waxing lyrical about how the company is acting responsibly and looking after public health, they did later advise customers to continue to “Drink the gravy” before reassuring them that the famous slogan will be back.

KFC is now owned by US company Yum! and whilst the tagline seemed fairly innocuous to most, they have received over 150 complaints about their advertising featuring people licking their fingers in the current global pandemic.

Those people who complained are the heroes we all need in our life right now.

In a bizarre twist even the UK advertising authorities have also concluded that the advertising was irresponsible and have essentially forced the fast food chain to rebrand its content.

KFC Pixel Out Finger Lickin’. Credit: KFC

You may think that a costly rebrand to take place throughout the company’s 900 restaurants in the UK wouldn’t be necessary if people would use their common sense and continue to wash their hands as frequently as possible during the coronavirus pandemic.

But this is 2020.

KFC may be thinking that now is not the time to be taking on Government watchdogs as they need to focus on getting customers back into their empty restaurants following their temporary closure during the Government lockdown.

The UK Government has launched an “eat out to help out” scheme where they will subsidize your bill if you choose to eat out at a restaurant rather than staying in a bid to get the high street back on its feet.


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