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Mark Wahlberg’s Daily Routine is Insane and He Believes Its the Secret to His Success

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He is one of the most famous Hollywood actors in the world and has earned millions of dollars for his movies.

The Departed, Ted and The Fighter are just some of his biggest movies to date in a career that has seen him twice nominated for a prestigious Academy Award.

With so much success you would be forgiven for thinking that the 48-year-old spends his days waking up late and spending time with his wife Rhea and their four children. You may even think that he would be working on a new album as his one hit wonder alias 90s rapper Marky Mark (but you would not be forgiven for that one).

Wahlberg is big on spending time with his family

But when he was quizzed on social media about his daily routine he drew a lot of attention for his unconventional lifestyle. A routine that he credits as being responsible for his success.

Wahlberg Posted His Daily Routine On Instagram. Credit: Instagram

2:30 AM Wake Up

2:30 AM!?! Okay I’m out. Why would anyone do that though?

If that was your initial reaction to seeing this then you are not alone – even British funny man James Corden couldn’t get his head around that one.

Corden joined the actor to see if he could keep up with the brutal regimen in a segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

The unlikely duo complete a 90 minute long workout which includes a combination of HIIT (High Interval Training) and weight training.

Whilst explaining his workout routine to Corden Wahlberg admits that the “workout will suck”but it sets him up to “attack” the rest of the day.

Routine Analysis

Is this kind of routine sustainable?? Will it bring success in your life??

The answer is yes and no.

Early morning routines are a common aspect amongst successful individuals but it isn’t due to the fact that they get up early.

It’s the discipline that such a regimen builds into your daily life that enables you to be your most productive.

Getting up at a time when everyone else is asleep will also mean that there are fewer distractions enabling you to focus on your tasks for the day.

The best way to see if this routine can change your life is to try it or try your version of it.

Let us know in the comments below whether it has boosted your productivity.


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