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Most Valuable Collectors’ Items in the World

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1. Barbie – March 1959 Original by Mattel

You would have paid around $3 for the first-ever Barbie doll, but if you’re still holding on to one, it is worth around $27.5k today!

This first Barbie sported a bathing suit with black and white stripes, a shock of blonde hair in a ponytail, and red, pouty lips. Size-wise, she was 11 inches tall, with unrealistic proportions that were maintained until very recently.

This Barbie mimicked the 1950s glamour and reflected the times of her inception.

original barbie 1959
Credit: Fox News

Her full name was Barbara Millicent Roberts, and she was the first adult toy doll to be mass-produced. Until Barbies came along, toy dolls always resembled a baby or were stuffed toys.

Barbies changed the market, offering dolls that were adult models. Every few years, you’d see Barbie evolving with new jobs, clothes, and shoes. It wasn’t until 2016 that Mattel introduced more accurate dolls that reflected how diverse modern women are.

They now come in four body types, twenty-two eye colors, twenty-four hairstyles, and seven different skin tones.

If you have one stashed away, you’re in for a real treat in terms of return on investment. The best returns will, as always, be on those untouched and unboxed. 


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