Rod Wave Net Worth

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Rod Wave Net Worth: $3 Million
Born: 27th August 1998 (23 Years Old)
Profession: Rapper And Songwriter
Children: 2

American rapper and songwriter Rod Wave’s net worth $3 million at 23 years of age.

Early Life 

Rod Wave was born on 27th August 1998 as Rodarius Marcell Green in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. He was raised by his parents, until they parted ways while he was in elementary school. He began singing in fifth grade.

Wave attended his local high school, St. Petersburg’s Lakewood High School, and graduated in 2017.

Very little is known about his childhood. He has brothers and sisters, but the number is unknown. His father spent some time incarcerated.

In an interview, Rod discussed his upbringing as sweet but when his dad went to prison, they suffered financially. This happened when Rod was in elementary school. He went to prison for six years for marijuana possession, attempted murder, and a few other crimes.

Young Rod Wave
A young Rod Wave (right)

Rod recalled how his father would call, and he would go and see him with a three or four-hour drive to the state prison.

While his father was in prison, he had support from his uncle, but he also ended up in prison a year after Rod’s father and went in for ten years.

Wave grew up listening to Kanye West, Kevin Gates, and Boosie Badazz.

Rod himself had some run-ins with the police. He has been arrested twice but hasn’t spent time inside.

Criminal Past

When he was 18, Rod was arrested and charged for bringing a weapon onto school property. He was subsequently released and didn’t pay bail.

Just over a year later, he was arrested again for having a concealed weapon on his person. He didn’t post bail and was released.

Turn to music

When Rod Wave’s father came out of prison, he was adamant that his son wouldn’t lead a life of crime. Thus, his father got him a microphone, and his brother got him a laptop.

This simple setup led Wave to begin composing music that had lyrics based on his experiences.

Getting Recognized

Rod’s composing was meant to be a simple pastime and something for him to concentrate on. However, a producer heard his music and saw the potential. He was encouraged to release his tracks.

Wave began releasing songs in 2016 and broke into the music scene in Florida. He gained visibility in the local area by attending events and shows.

His first mixtape was self-released on 25th July 2017. It was entitled Rookie of the Year. Later that year, he released another mixtape called Hunger Games Vol. 1, followed by a few more self-released mixtapes.

Signing a Record Deal and Producing His First Studio

His break into Florida was enough to get him signed by Alamo Records in 2018.

After producing the three mixtapes with Alamo Records, Ghetto Gospel, his debut LP, was released in November 2019. It was produced by Kevin Gates. This debut studio album reached #10 on the Billboard 200 and #7 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart. It also reached #5 on the Rap Chart and earned a gold certification from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

rod waves' first album ghetto gospel
Wave’s debut album Ghetto Gospel


Wave has a unique voice combining sweet singing and harsh rap skills. These extreme contrasts work so well together, and Wave can switch easily between the two. However, it wasn’t his vocals that made his tracks increase in popularity, rather the personal and deep lyrics he was singing about.

Subsequent Albums and Collaborations

Rod Wave’s second album was released in April 2020. It was called Pray 4 Love and contained a collaboration with ATR Son and American rapper. The collaboration track is called Rags2Riches. The whole album was created in just one month.

Rags2Riches garnered popularity on TikTok and had featured in more than five million videos by summer 2020. It was recorded in a hotel when Rod was on tour. The song peaked at 22 in the Rolling Stone Top 100.

Rod released his 3rd album SoulFly in 2021 and it became YouTube’s number one streaming album.

Nominations, Awards, and Accolades

In 2021, Rod Wave was nominated in the Top New Artist category at the Billboard Music Awards. He also peaked at number one on Billboard’s Artist 100 in October 2021.

SoulFly reached number one on the Billboard 200.

His song Tombstone also spent a week at number one on Billboard’s Rap Streaming Songs.

Accident and Inspiration For Through The Wire

At the beginning of 2020, Rod was in a serious road accident that left him bleeding in the brain. He used this experience to inspire his song Through the Wire.

The singer posted a video of the car crash on his Instagram profile.

Some of the lyrics in the song include:

“So much pain, built up deep inside”

“I need that pure Codeine in, I ain’t been sleepin’”

“Went to bleeding out my head, dude, he came to get me”

“Hit a f****’ cement pole, you crazy, you crazy? You just had kids”

The music video released with the song also seems to contain the car he crashed. Wave sits on the car while singing.

Wave grew up listening to Kanye West who also released a song called Through the Wire after a car accident at the beginning of his career. Wave says this was the inspiration behind his own song about his near-death experience.

Worried Fans

At the end of 2021, Wave gave his fans a scare when he posted a new song called Nirvana that alluded to his suicide. Following the song drop, he deleted both his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

What scared his fans the most was that he dropped the song on a Friday night and alluded to ending his life the following day. The song contained the lyrics:

“If you’re hearing this it’s too late / I’ve been writin’ this since Tuesday. Today Friday than mean tomorrow’s doomsday / Tried to fight the pain but it ate me alive / Sad to say I lost a battle, against my mind / you should be happy for me homie no more sufferin’ / We all got a day I guess we’ll see each other then / I hope that heaven’s real and one day we can reunite / and don’t be crying for me I lived a wonderful life.”

rod wave in pink hoodie
Wave has battled mental health issues. Credit: Facebook

After the scare, Rod re-activated his accounts and told his followers that he was ok, and said the song was intended to be a suicide prevention song.

Wave went on to delete the song.

Personal Life

Rod’s girlfriend is called Kelsey Dee, together, they have twin daughters named Kash and Mocha. He keeps pretty quiet about his background and personal life.

The American singer now lives on the outskirts of his childhood city in Florida.

Rod Wave Quotes

“Music is a direct expression of Rod’s life, which is why he’s cautious yet open to working with other artists who share his passion” – ABC News Radio’s Rachel George on Rod Wave

“Music saved my life” – Rod Wave

“Dreams come true, you gotta chase it.” – Rod Wave

“Before it gets better, it’s gonna get worse.” – Rod Wave

“My darkest tomes taught me to shine.” – Rod Wave

“An apology without change is just manipulation.”

– Rod Wave

“Life is too short to tolerate stuff that doesn’t make you happy.” – Rod Wave

“My soul ain’t for this generation.” – Rod Wave

“I really just make it for people like me. I don’t make it to go No.1. I don’t make it to hit the charts and sell 80,000 copies the first week. I just do it because I love it. That’s my story.” Rod Wave

“I bought like a $900,000 house in Florida like cash. I remember getting evicted and all kinds of stuff. Police coming to get me out of my house, telling me it’s time to go. I remember all of that. It’s rags to riches.”

– Rod Wave

“For sure. I can definitely write a book. […] The stuff I’ve seen, you’d be amazed.” – Rod Wave

“Who can you trust in this cold, cold world, better get a blanket.” – Rod Wave

Summary: Rod Wave Net Worth

  • Rod Wave Net Worth is around $3 million
  • He grew up in a difficult environment with a father who ended up incarcerated for six years.
  • Rod also got in trouble with the police several times but has never been to prison.
  • He began singing in fifth grade and was inspired to get into music by his father, who bought him a microphone.
  • Wave created his own music and mixtapes and started to get recognized.
  • He was signed by Alamo Records in 2018 and has released three studio albums.
  • He suffered a near-fatal car accident that inspired his song Through the Wire.
  • Rod is dating Kelsey Dee and has twin girls called Kash and Mocha.

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