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12 Signs That You Have An Entrepreneurial Spirit

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1. Curiosity

When starting in any industry/field, there are many new things to learn.

You will even find that as soon as you think you know everything about the industry, you will discover more, or it will change.

You are always learning.

Technology, new solutions to certain problems, and new opportunities are among the key things you need to learn more about while starting and running the venture.

mark zuckerberg looking over wall

An entrepreneur should have some sense of curiosity; this will allow for seeking any new opportunities.

Whether it was Jeff Bezos starting an online bookstore or Bill Gates building software to harness the power of the microchip, the great entrepreneurs were curious about their field and how far they could push them.

Rather than being satisfied with what they know or have, a good entrepreneur should seek to know more. They can get this by asking various questions and exploring other avenues.

Curiosity will help them gain more information about new developments because experts describe entrepreneurship as a discovery process.


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