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Snoop Dogg Net Worth

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Snoop Dogg Net Worth:$150 Million
Born: 20th October 1971 (50 Years Old)
Profession: Rapper, Songwriter, Media Personality, Actor And Businessman
Children: 4

The American rapper Snoop Dogg net worth is $150 million. He is best known for his rap music and collaborations with Dr. Dre.

Early Life and Parents

Snoop Dogg was born on 20th October 1971, in Long Beach, California.

His father, Vernell Varnado, was a Vietnam War veteran as well as a mail carrier and a singer. Snoop Dogg’s mother is called Beverly Broadus-Green. She has been an ordained evangelist since 2005 after accepting her calling.

snoop dogg with his parents
Calvin With His Parents. Credit:Lalive.com

Varnado only stayed for three months after his son was born, and so Snoop Dogg was named after his stepfather, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Sr.

Snoop Dogg’s real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.

Snoop Dogg got his nickname from his parents, who called him “Snoopy” as a child because he loved the Peanuts character. He is the middle child of three brothers.

Snoop Dogg’s Formative Years

Snoop Dogg’s family wasn’t well off, and he used to deliver newspapers, bag groceries and sell candy as a child to help his family get by.

He began playing the piano and singing at a very young age at Golgotha Trinity Baptist Church. He started rapping during the sixth grade. He was an enthusiastic member of the church and a good student.

a young calvin in school aka snoop dogg
Snoop In High School. Credit:Redbubble.net

Despite Snoop Dogg’s mother’s efforts, he began joining gangs and doing petty crimes as a teenager. After graduating from Long Beach Polytechnic High School, he was in trouble often with the police and got incarcerated frequently.

The Start of His Rap Career

Snoop Dogg got together with two of his cousins, Lil’ ½ Dead and Nate Dogg, and his friend Warren G, to record some tapes. The foursome called themselves 213 after the Long Beach area code of the time.

snoop dogg early years rapping
Snoop In His Early Years. Credit:Reddit.com

Snoop caught the attention of the influential producer, Dr. Dre, when a mixtape of one of his solo freestyles over En Vogue’s “Hold On” wound up on his desk.

Dre was impressed by this sample and asked Snoop Dogg to audition.

Becoming Snoop Doggy Dog

Snoop Dogg took on the name “Snoop Doggy Dog” as a stage name when he began recording with Dr. Dre on the themes song of Deep Cover, the 1992 action-thriller starring Laurence Fishburne.

He also appeared on The Chronic, Dr. Dre’s debut solo album. This exposure was pivotal in Snoop Dogg’s success with his first album, Doggystyle.

snoop dogg and dr dre in the early days
Dr Dre And Snoop Dogg In The Early Days. Credit: SoundCloud

It was during the early 1990s that West Coast G-funk hip hop was taking off, and Snoop Dogg’s singles “Gin and Juice” and “Who Am I (What’s My Name?)” were in the top ten most-played U.S. songs.

His album featured on the Billboard charts for many months too.

Getting Arrested For Murder

Many rappers get in trouble with the law; Snoop Dogg, however, once got arrested for murder.

In 1993, there was a disturbance outside Snoop Dogg’s apartment in Los Angeles. Sean Abrams, Snoop’s friend, was involved in an argument with some members of a gang.

Later that day, Abrams, Snoop, and his bodyguard McKinley Lee saw the gang members at Palms Park, where another argument took place.

The result of this altercation was the death of Philip Woldemariam by gunshot. The shooter was Lee, but Abrams and Snoop Dogg were also charged with murder. Snoop Dogg went into hiding but eventually turned himself in following the MTV Music Video Awards.

While Abram’s charges were dropped, Lee and Snoop posted $1 million bail and were under house arrest for two years until the trial.

snoop dogg murder trial
Snoop Dogg At Trial. Credit:Grunge.com

Since this killing happened a few months before the release of Snoop’s debut album, Doggy Style, it boosted his sales.

As a result, Snoop Dogg quickly became a big Hip-Hop name.

Snoop Dogg’s high-profile status and gangsta persona made many think of him as guilty by the time the trial came around. For many, gangsta rap was troublesome and contributed to crime and real-life violence.

After four months, Snoop Dogg and his bodyguard were both acquitted.

Snoop Dogg said after the trial that he no longer wanted to live the “gangsta” lifestyle as he felt this would end up with a prison term or his assassination.


After being acquitted, Snoop Dogg moved to Claremont, California, and launched Doggy Style Records, signing Charlie Wilson as one of the first artists.

Snoop Dogg collaborated with Tupac Shakur on “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” in 1996, but this was the last of Shakur’s songs before being shot and killed.

Tupac with Snoop Dogg
Tupac With Snoop Dogg. Credit: Soundcloud

Snoop’s second album, Tha Doggfather, was released in November 1996. Again, the album did well, though not as well as his debut album.

In 1998, Snoop Dogg signed with No Limit Records and debuted with his album Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told.

In 1999, he released No Limit Topp Dogg, which sold 1.5 million copies, and in 2000, Tha Last Meal sold 2.1 million.

His 2002 album Paid Tha Cost to Be da Bo$$ sold 1.31 million copies. Now, it seemed, Snoop had left behind his ‘gangsta’ image.

Musical Career and Decline in Popularity

In 2004, Snoop Dogg signed to Geffen Records. This was a successful move as his first single released from his album R&G Rhythm & Gangsta: The Masterpiece, “Drop It Like It’s Hot”, was his first-ever single to reach the number one spot.

The third release from this album, “Signs”, featuring Justin Timberlake, went straight into No. 2 in the U.K., making it the highest ever U.K. entry.

Justin Timberlake And Snoop Dogg Collaborated In 2005. Credit: Popsugar

His subsequent albums, though well-received by true fans, didn’t sell as many copies. His tenth studio album, Malice n Wonderland, was released in 2009 and sold 61,000 copies during the first week. Unfortunately, it debuted at No.23, which made it Snoop’s lowest charting album.

Snoop Lion

In 2012, Snoop Dogg announced a new stage name, Snoop Lion. He said he was rechristened under this name in Jamaica by a Rastafari priest.

snoop dogg as snoop lion
Snoop Lion. Credit:New York Times

He later went back to using the name Snoop Dogg on his music in 2013.

In total, Snoop Dogg has released 19 studio albums, the latest being released in November 2022.

Other work

In 1999, Snoop Dogg published his autobiography The Doggfather. He has also appeared on T.V. and in films throughout his career in both cameo and supporting roles.

In 2005, he founded Snoopadelic Films, his own production company.

Snoop has also been a Master of Ceremonies for WrestleMania and has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Finally, Snoop released his own wine in 2020 called “Snoop Cali Red”.

snoop with brand of red wine 19 crimes
Snoop With Own Brand Of Red Wine. Credit:Instagram

Family Life and Personal Life

In 1997, Snoop married Shante Taylor, his high school girlfriend, but the pair divorced in 2004.

However, in 2008, the couple renewed their vows.

Together, they have three children – a son Cordé (born in 1994), a son called Cordell (born in 1997), and a daughter Cori (born in 1999). Snoop Dogg also has a son called Julian, who was born in 1998 to Laurie Holmond.

snoop dogg with family
Snoop Dogg With His Family. Credit:Bodyheightweight.com

Between 2003 and 2004, Snoop Dogg was a professional pimp.

In 2014, Snoop Dogg claimed to be vegan and has invested in Original Foods, a vegan food company. He is also an ambassador for Beyond Meat, a vegan brand.

Snoop Dogg Net Worth Quotes

“When I rapped in the hallways at school, I would draw such a big crowd that the principal would think there was a fight going on. It made me begin to realize that I had a gift. I could tell that my raps interested people, and that made me interested in myself.” – Snoop Dogg

“Snoop’s vocal style is part of what distinguishes him: where many rappers scream, figuratively and literally, he speaks softly” – Touré, music critic for Rolling Stone, on Snoop Dog

“Snoop was the child that I had the most trouble with- he was hard-headed. He was the type of little guy who thought he knew more than me. I had to let him know who I was. When Snoop became famous, I told him that I didn’t even know what a rapper was.” – Beverly Broadus-Green (Snoop’s mother)

“That s**t was my natural calling, and once I got involved with it, it became fun. It was like shootin’ layups for me. I was makin’ ‘em every time.” – Snoop Dogg talking about the time he was a professional pimp between 2003 and 2004

“You might not have a car or a big gold chain, stay true to yourself, and things will change.” – Snoop Dogg

Sometimes a loss is the best thing that can happen. It teaches you what you should have done next time

Snoop Dogg

“Trump says he wants to run for president. Why not? It wouldn’t be the first time he pushed a black family out of their home.” – Snoop Dogg

snoop dogg quotes
Credit: Greatesttweets.com

“My biggest achievement is raising a healthy, happy family. As far as regrets, I don’t really have too many. Although I’ve gone through some things in my life that didn’t feel too good while they were happening, they allowed me to mature and develop into the man I am today. Those moments have taught me a lot. I wouldn’t be the same person if I hadn’t had those experiences.”

– Snoop Dogg

Summary: Snoop Dogg Net Worth

  • Snoop Dogg Net Worth is $150 million.
  • He was born in Long Beach, California, in 1971 with the birthname Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.
  • He rapped from a young age, impressing his friends at high school.
  • Snoop Dogg was frequently in trouble with the law during his formative years.
  • He adopted the ‘gangsta’ rapper lifestyle as he was starting out in his music career.
  • Once embroiled in a murder trial, Snoop was acquitted after four months, having previously been under house arrest for two years.
  • Snoop has continued to make albums and has now released 19 studio albums. He’s also written an autobiography and has been involved in other business deals.
  • He has been married to his wife Shante since 1997, and they have three children. Snoop Dogg also has another child that was born in 1998. They were once set to divorce but managed to make things work again.

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