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The Most Lucrative Pro Wrestlers in WWE History

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10. Edge Net Worth – $14 million

Edge was active in the WWE sphere between 1992 and 2011. During this time, he amassed an estimated net worth of $14 million. His real name is Adam Copeland, and he trained under Sweet Daddy Siki and Ron Hutchinson, who were professional wrestlers themselves. 

Edge began wrestling in several independent wrestling groups before joining the WWE. He is one of the most decorated WWE participants and won 31 championships in total.

Edge wrestler in wwe

Edge didn’t leave WWE voluntarily. In 2011 he broke his neck, which forced him to retire. Unlike other pro-WWE wrestlers, Edge never faked his stunts. 

He attempted a return in 2019 but didn’t stay long. Instead, he focused on acting and played the role of Ketill Flatnose in Vikings on the History channel. He has also been on Weakest Link, Deal or No Deal, MADtv, Mind of Mencia, and The Flash. He also appeared in the fantasy movie Highlander: Endgame.


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