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The Most Lucrative Pro Wrestlers in WWE History

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9. Ted DiBiase Net Worth – The Million Dollar Man – $1 million

The pro wrestler Ted DiBiase, nicknamed “The Million Dollar Man,” began his wrestling career in 1974 and was active until 1993, so almost twenty years. His net worth is said to be around 1 million dollars.

He held thirty titles during his career as a professional wrestler and was described as one of the most gifted technical wrestlers by IGN.

Ted DiBiase Net Worth – The Million Dollar Man

DiBiase was considered to be one of the most notorious villain wrestling characters in the profession.

As well as being a big moneymaker, he was also a brilliant technical wrestler. He drew both praise and criticism during his career. He also had lots of different wrestling names, but it was “the Million Dollar Man” that was his most famous.


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