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The Most Lucrative Pro Wrestlers in WWE History

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4. Mick Foley Net Worth – $1 million

Former pro wrestler, Mick Foley began his wrestling career in 1983.

After finishing his career in 2012, he is now a WWE commentator. As well as wrestling Mick Foley, he also had a number of other guises and creative personas. These included Cactus Jack, who was a physical, bloodthirsty brawler who terrorized opponents with sharp objects. 

Mick Foley

Another two of Foley’s personas were Mankind and Dude Love. The former was a mentally unstable, masked loner, while the latter was a relaxed hippie. These personas earned millions of dollars for Foley, and he also got the moniker “The Hardcore Legend” from them too.

As well as wrestling, Mick Foley has made a lot of money from writing, and he is a New York Times best-selling author. He has written four children’s books, two novels, and an autobiography that was on the non-fiction New York Times list for many weeks.   


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