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Tim Pool Net Worth

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Tim Pool Net Worth:$1.4 Million
Born:9th March 1986 (36 Years Old)
Profession:YouTuber, Journalist And Political Commentator

According to networthspot.com, the American YouTuber, Journalist and Political Commentator Tim Pool has an estimated net worth of $1.4 million.

Pool has been active on YouTube since 2011 and his channels have millions of subscribers.

Pool’s Early Life

Timothy Daniel Pool was born on March 9th, 1986, in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up in the South Side of Chicago with three siblings. His family was a lower-middle class family and he had a fairly typical middle class upbringing a long with his siblings.

Tim’s father was a firefighter and his mother sold cars for a living.

Pool left his Catholic high school at 14 after completing the 5th grade.

Despite attending a Catholic school, Tim Pool declares himself to be agnostic.

Rise to Fame

In September 2011, amid the Occupy Wall Street Protests, Pool decided to get involved.

He bought a one-way bus ticket from Chicago to New York to join in with the Occupy Wall Street protests on September 20, 2011.

Tim Pool Livestreaming At Occupy Wallstreet
Tim Pool Livestreaming At Occupy Wallstreet. Credit:Fastcompany.com

Before this, he lived in Newport News, Virginia, with his brother.

While at the protests in New York, Pool met a sales manager and former realtor called Henry Ferry. Together, the pair established a media company that they named The Other 99.

The Other 99 is a reference to the 99% of Americans who the Occupy Wall Street protestors believe have been marginalised from political debate and representation in America and is instead dominated by the 1% of highest earners in America.

During this time, Pool live-streamed the Occupy Wall Street protests from his phone and also assumed a role on camera. He used the stream’s live-chat function to allow viewers to ask questions while he reported on the Occupy Wall Street events.

The young journalist also encouraged his viewers to tell him where he should go to shoot footage of the protest.

It was a real grassroots even that resonated with millions online and got a lot of media attention.

During this time, Tim had even modified a remote-controlled drone so that he could use it for surveillance from above.

In November that year, he live-streamed non-stop for 21 hours as the Occupy Wall Street protestors were evicted from Zuccotti Park.

This live streaming and use of drones led to The Guardian writing an article questioning the use of aerial drones and live streaming, querying their use and suggesting they could be counterproductive.

During his time in the protests, Pool was wearing a beanie hat throughout. It would become his ‘signature’ clothing of choice, and it would be a staple in his subsequent media appearances.

Running Into Problems

Ferry and Pool had a feud in January 2012, which led to the disbandment of The Other 99.

henry ferry tim pools business partner
Pool’s Business Partner Henry Ferry. Credit:Fastcompany.com

It was also during this time that Tim Pool had planned to live stream the Occupy protests throughout the U.S. for a documentary set to be called Occumentary, but this wasn’t filmed.

The Significance of Pool’s Footage

Although the footage that Pool had taken through the Occupy Wall Street protests had a huge culture impact it also became key evidence in the trial and subsequent acquittal of Alexander Arbuckle’s.

Arbuckle, a photographer, was arrested by NYPD, but Pool’s video showed that the arresting officer had lied under oath.

No charges ended up being filed, however.

Pool’s Occupy footage was also shown on mainstream networks like NBC. The Washington Post commented that he had shown activists that live streaming could be a good alternative to cable news coverage.

It was in the early 2010s that live streaming and Twitter were becoming commonplace in news events and media and Pool was at the forefront of this new form of news media.

“The Eyes of the Movement”

Pool made such an impression that in March 2012, he was named a Time magazine top 100 personality. This was because of how important he had been to the Occupy movement.

Time talked of Pool as “the eyes of the movement”.

Joining Vice

After getting huge media attention Pool was offered a position at Vice Media.

The social activist continued to develop new ways of reporting the news in order to give his audience real-time updates on issues that he wanted to focus on. In 2013, Pool used Google Glass to report on Istanbul’s Gezi Park protests.


Pool Joined Vice Off The Back Of The Occupy Wallstreet Footage

During his time at Vice, he live-streamed and covered mass protests in Ukraine – the ones which led to the Yanukovyc government’s collapse. He also covered protests in Egypt, Turkey and Thailand, as well as the Ferguson unrest.

In 2014, Pool became Senior Correspondent and Director of Media Innovation at Fusion TV.

Growing On YouTube

During his time working for the media and in particular Vice, Pool became disillusioned with the topics the company covered and the partisan nature of their reporting.

In a bid to remain philosophically true to his beliefs and realising he had built up an audience from his work Pool started to heavily invest his time on YouTube where he was free to talk about the issues that meant most to him.

As of 2023, Tim Pool has four YouTube channels. Two of these feature political commentary daily (Tim Pool and Timcast). Timcast IRL is a clip channel for a podcast Pool creates. Finally, Tim Pool’s 4th channel Cast Castle, is a vlog for personal things.

His main channel, Tim Pool, has over 1.3 million subscribers and over 380,000,000 views.

Political Views

Pool’s former employer Vice said of him in 2019 that he was “progressive” and a “lefty”.

Pool himself declared he was a social liberal in 2019 and supports Bernie Sanders. Before the Occupy Wall Street events, Pool considered himself to be anti-authoritarian and didn’t believe himself to be very political.

However, Politico thinks that Pool’s views “on issues including social media bias and immigration often align with conservatives.”

Tim And Russell Brand Discussing How They Feel Political Homeless
Tim And Russell Brand Discussing How They Feel Political Homeless. Credit: YouTube

In 2020, Pool announced that he supported Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election. He claimed he felt alienated by changes in the modern left.

In 2021, the SLPC (Southern Poverty Law Center) described Tim Pool as a “pro-Trump social media personality” and called him a “reactionary”.

Finally, Tim Pool will often reject the idea of a left/right-wing political framework both to describe himself and in other contexts too.

Pool aims to critique nonsensical liberal policies and views.

Tim Pool’s Net Worth and Earnings

Thanks to his YouTube channels receiving over three million views per month, Tim Pool earns over $200,000 from this area alone.

As well as YouTube, Tim Pool earns money from sponsorships, journalism, and advertising.

It is estimated that Tim Pool could earn around $500,000 per year with all of his income streams added together.

The Tagg.ly app and Subverse

In 2014, Pool helped to launch a mobile app called Tagg,ly. This app can watermark photos, and Pool was interested as he had previously experienced people using his photos without attribution.

woman taking photo food display
Tagg.Ly Made It Easier To Watermark Photos. Credit: Jenna Day

2019 saw the creation of this news company Subverse with Bill Ottman. That same year, this company raised more than $1million in twenty-two hours through crowdfunding. This surpassed the Wefunder previous record.

Tim Pool’s Awards and Accolades

In 2013, Tim Pool was named “Best Journalist in Social Media” at the Shorty Awards for Timcast. He was also nominated as a journalist in 2014 but didn’t win the award.

Timcast Website and Social Media

Tim Pool has a website called Timcast where he discusses celebrities, sports, culture, and politics.

On Instagram, Tim Pool has a verified account called @timcast, which has over 287,000 followers. He has made over 1000 posts on this account. On his Instagram, he describes himself as a “journalist, musician, skateboarder”.

On Twitter, Tim Pool describes himself as a journalist, disaffected liberal, commentator, filmmaker, skateboarder, and musician. He has over 1 million followers.


After he live-streamed with a mask during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, Tim Pool was arrested.

When the police came to his house to apprehend him, they brought with them a hostage negotiator, which they said was in case Pool refused to wear a mask.

Family Life and Personal Life

Tim Pool is said to be dating a girl named Alison. He posted a photo of her on his timcast Instagram page saying, “Alison has a monkey but the monkey is screaming.”

In the past, Tim Pool was linked to actress and model Violet Summers but this has never been confirmed.

Tim is very secretive and private. He claims to be of Korean descent, but this isn’t proven.

On Twitter and Instagram, Tim Pool says that he is a skateboarder, amongst other things.

Tim Pool Net Worth Quotes

“I don’t consider myself a journalist […] I consider myself an activist 100%.” – Tim Pool to On the Media

“I got started by couch surfing and being broke, homeless, without healthcare.” – Tim Pool

Life is much more chill and boring than media makes it seem

Tim Pool

“There is no money. Companies are struggling and firing left and right. The companies that are doing well learned that hyperpartisan content shares better than real news.” – Tim Pool

“Fusion told me and many other staff to ‘side with the audience’. Which they clarified as young people being liberal or left learning so that’s the angle we take regardless of the facts. It was not a fun time.” Tim Pool

“I find it weird how many people have therapists.” – Tim Pool on Twitter 14-01-2022

“The reason the left and right think each other is grifting is because we live in different realities.” – Tim Pool on Twitter

Summary: Tim Pool Net Worth

  • Tim Pool Net Worth is $1.4 million
  • He is originally from Chicago but was living in Virgina before he got a one-way ticket to New York during the Occupy Wall Street protests.
  • He has three siblings. His father was a firefighter and his mother sold cars.
  • Tim Pool became well-known due to his live-streaming of protests like the Occupy Wall Street protests.
  • In total, Pool has four YouTube channels, but these aren’t the only source of his income.
  • He is a very private person and little is known about his upbringing, siblings, or personal life.

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